Welcome to Taekwondo Hillsboro you are home. Have you ever wanted to join taekwondo? Will this be the studio for you? We are one of the highest rated martial arts schools for a reason. Just a little bit about us. We have been in business giving out black belts for over 25 long years. We are also a family business with that being said everyone who joins the team then becomes family. That is what we pride ourselves on. That is what makes us happy and our clients happy is the way that we take care of our clients. We are a school built on respect. Each and every one that steps into the dojo must show respect. Respect is not given if not received, that is what we had ourselves on teaching here.

at Taekwondo Hillsboro you do have to put in the work. You will start with a white belt and anything that you decide to do whether it be martial arts or taekwondo. But to get to the top, you must start from the bottom. That is what we teach each and every move will be a lesson. It is up to you to decide what that lesson is going to be for you. Life is the biggest lesson for us. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. We have to work and learn lessons in order to grow and to succeed and that is what we try to teach in our dojo

Did you know that teen and adult students find taekwondo to be one of the challenging and artful forms of self-defense? Now you do. Taekwondo Hillsboro Promises that you will not only enjoy your time spent in the school. You will also notice your body changing, becoming stronger and more in line with yourself. We have an amazing custom 14 belt step-by-step curriculum with everything you need to refer to, and it will be needed for at home training this is an amazing extra incentive that we have at our dojo that would not be at other places

Taekwondo Hillsboro once you and your family are in our school. We started growing and training as a family here. We believe that it has many benefits. It is an amazing workout training and trust activity, but not only your family for yourself. Family bonding is one thing that is missed out greatly these days with how busy life can be in the world. Don’t let words, stress and other things get in the way of you and your family spending quality time together and building each other up.

This is our new and improved website link here https://schoolofrespect.com/ on there we have photos testimonials as well as a page for you to contact us to reach out if you have any questions or you are looking to get your first class scheduled. You could also reach us by phone, which is here 503-615-8854 to clear up any questions you may have or concerns as well as book an appointment

Taekwondo Hillsboro | join the team gain a family

thinking of trying out Taekwondo Hillsboro? Well, try it out with us today! Bring your family as well! We are a large martial arts training school. Becoming a master of taekwondo is very hard but with time and dedication you can achieve anything that you were wanting. me and my family started training tae kwon do over 25 years ago. We have built a large family here. Each and every day we continue to grow. Each and every day we continue to strive to be the best and any aspect that we can be. We want that safe spot for you and your family.

We understand that trying new things can be difficult, but not with Taekwondo Hillsboro. We make it easy for families to come together and spend time trusting and loving us forever for 20 years. trying taekwondo you will see and learn many defensive movements. Those movements could be helpful to you one day. And then you will be so happy that you chose to take our classes. You know what might not happen so it’s best to be well trained, and prepared.

so I bet you’re wondering what you’re going to gain most from Taekwondo Hillsboro. Let me go ahead and tell you a little bit about what you’re going to notice within your body. You were going to improve your hand eye coordination, as well as learn some ninja moves. The absolute most thing you will gain from us is respect. We respect those who respect us most so that being said of your 12s behavioral problem, we could probably even be a potential help to that as well.

Taekwondo Hillsboro is your new Hideaway. We can guarantee that your success within our school as well as making our relationships is going to excel when you walk in the doors. We open not only our studio but also our hearts to you and your children. We care about the betterment of the children. We also understand that times are busy, but we are asking that when the time comes for you to choose a dojo that you choose us because of what all we can offer and bring to your table. You’ll learn so much about martial arts here.

Don’t hesitate to check us out on our website at https://schoolofrespect.com/. We have some amazing testimonials as well as a gallery for you to check out what your new studio will look like. Online you were able to see the different classes that we offer as well as a different age group and range. They are looking for these classes. call us right now to find out what kind of offers or promotions we might have going on for you. The phone number is going to be 503-615-8854. If we are unable to take your call, please leave a detailed message regarding what you were calling for as well as your name, last name and email.