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The Foundation of F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Fathers and Mothers Investing Lifelong Yield

School of Respect is committed to transforming families, one home at a time through services. We bring the foundation and fundamental principles of a strong, unified parental structure built around respect. We teach, and encourage children to respect their parents as the leader of the home, one class, one child at a time.

The School of Respect Mission

School of Respect is committed to the mission of what we teach in our program. Project “To Be Lights” is the ministry we guide for our students, and our opportunity to give back to the community. School of Respect is a highly accredited martial arts program that allows us to be light to the world.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Award-Winning Certified Kukkiwon Taekwondo and IHF Hapkido
  • Hall of Fame Award winners
  • Voted Hillsboro’s Best Martial Arts Studio 4 Years in a Row
  • Serving With Fun for Over 23 years!
  • Local, National and World Gold Medalists and coaches
  • Highly Acclaimed Character and Discipline Training Program
  • Classes for Little Tigers
  • Classes for Youth
  • Classes for Adults & Teens
  • Family-Focused and Family-Centered Program Options

Meet the Frazier Family

With a 20 year reputation of excellence, School of Respect is Hillsboro’s Premier Martial Arts School founded by Ron and Molly Frazier. With their family of 5, the family-style approach to martial arts became Ron and Molly’s legacy. The husband and wife duo are the owners and operators of School of Respect. Grand Master Ron Frazier and Grand Master Molly Frazier is a 7th-degree Black Belt. School of Respect welcomes students into the School of Respect Family, and the community we have creates memories that last a lifetime. Do you want your child to burn energy while gaining respect, discipline and learning confidence? Of course you do!

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“Their family classes are a blast and provide a great workout for myself. The weapons and sparring classes are also amazing and we’ve learned that nunchucks provide instant feedback on form. But most important is the fun I get to have with the kids, both in class and at home. They’re a few belts ahead of me and love helping me with my forms. All in all, we couldn’t be happier with our experience at SoR. The Masters have created such a positive space to learn and have fun and this is strengthened by the community of other students at the dojang. Thanks School of Respect!”

– Levi Bennett

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School of Respect will bring harmony to your home. Your kids can burn energy, gain respect, and discipline using physical skills that develop confidence! It builds character, and the kids have FUN while learning!

When you join the School of Respect, you’ll first take a free class. To get a feel for the dojang and meet the Masters. Then, we can get you signed up and give you your free uniform.

Your first couple of classes are super exciting as you will be getting to know your new friends and instructors. You will start with a white belt and you will learn how to tie it before your first test.

You’ll find smiles all around as you learn your first kicks and punches… for most, they don’t even realize that they’re getting great exercise because the Taekwondo Hillsboro class is so mentally stimulating it’s just fun!

Families love Taekwondo Hillsboro because the kids can learn discipline and self defense while also enjoying themselves and spending time with the family. Parents love the improvement they see in their children’s in school habits. They learn to focus better and respect their teachers.

The repetition of standing at attention and then breaking to kick the dummies or practice a form and back to standing at attention helps the young human mind to grow a cooperative awareness that is otherwise hard to cultivate in everyday life.

At the end of class you will bow to the flag and your masters, with a thank you in Korean, a simple sign of respect and appreciation to your leaders for their instruction. And then you’re off to the back gym where the children receive stars for their behavior in class and at home.

With the star chart achievement system, we aim to grow a healthy and communicative relationship with our youth students and their parents. At this time we will ask you how your student is doing in their behavior outside of the dojang.

We only want to be teaching a child to kick and punch if we know that they have good self control and healthy respect of authority. That being said, parents can give or take stars away depending on their children’s success in these principals throughout the week.






The School of Respect is a Taekwondo Hillsboro School primarily. Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts. Much like and Karate Hillsboro the School of Respect is known for it’s self defense teaching.

Taekwondo is the sport of choice for many looking to learn self defense because of the focus placed on staying upright… Though our well rounded classes do teach what to do in the case that you end up on the ground, the reality is that a person who is skilled in important balance techniques and highly trained reflexes to stay on their feet in the case of an attack, will have much higher chances of getting away unscathed.

Taekwondo is the art widely known for its appearance in movies like “The Avengers” and TV shows like Disney’s “Kickin’ It”.

Unlike Karate Hillsboro, Taekwondo Hillsboro is an Olympic sport. So if a student excels in their Taekwondo abilities they could one day win a gold for America in the Olympic Games! In fact, USA just took gold in the women’s sparring at the 2021 olympics. Who knows, If Taekwondo is your self defense of choice, that could be you one day!

School of Respect will bring harmony to your home. Your kids can burn energy, gain respect, and discipline using physical skills that develop confidence! It builds character, and the kids have FUN while learning!