Our interaction with Master Ron & Master Molly started when another parent and I were looking to introduce Taekwondo in our kids elementary school as a after school activity. During the first meeting we knew in our hearts that they are the “”family”” for us. The values they inculcate in the children of mutual respect, discipline, self-control are paramount. Even after our children graduated from the elementary school, we continued their training @ the School of Respect campus! I credit a big portion of my sons nurturing and his exemplary behaviour to this school. And learnt all that while having fun & getting his blackbelt! Thank you Master Ron, Master Molly, Master Zack, Master Grace & Master Sam for all your efforts!

Madhurasmitha Chakravarthy

We had heard from a friend how the School of Respect in Hillsboro had helped their young grandson’s behavior development.  We first enrolled our older grandson (4 at the time) and he attended for 3+ years until other activities became a conflict.  We and the parents were so pleased with the benefits that we enrolled his younger brother when he was also about 4.  Both boys continued with the program through their Little Tiger Black Belts.  Our overall evaluation of the program is that it is much more than learning the self-defense skills of TaeKwonDo.  It is really a philosophical foundation for life on learning the traits of good character and how to relate to others.  The School of Respect taught them discipline, confidence, respect for others and adults, physical coordination and TKD skills.  Their parents found the weekly classes carried over to behavior and discipline at home.  Advancement to higher belts requires not only learning specific TKD skills but is also contingent on positive reports from home and school; poor reports from either can hold a child back from advancement, a great added motivator.  We highly recommend the School of Respect in Hillsboro. 

Dick & Doreen S.
Forest Grove

I got to witness my daughter’s belt test today. It may not seem like a big deal, but Ive never really gotten to see her in action so to speak. Today was monumental for me. I also wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate your hard work and faithfulness. It does not go unnoticed. I am proud of how far my daughter has come in these last few months and I owe a lot of it to the wonderful examples of true leadership that your leaders have shown.

I recommend School of Respect to anyone we meet or even talk to in line at the grocery store.

Amy F

School of Respect: a martial arts school and more. Our son has been going to their A+ program for 4 years now and we cannot be happier and more content with the growth we have seen in his character and behavior throughout the years. This I believe is due to the master’s dedication to help their students become better individuals through discipline and respect. They also always have fun activities that cater towards camaraderie and creativity. My son always comes home with a smile on his face from a day at the dojang. I highly recommend the school of respect to any family in search of a good after school or martial arts program and definitely more!

Anna G

I go to this school, it’s amazing and I have learned a lot!

Kale B

Our son has been in for a couple months and has been enjoying it. Having been dealing with the foster system, this is an excellent place to build community, self esteem and other life skills. We might still be in a “honey-moon phase”, but I see this being a long term activity for our family. Not many places have this great of a community that is safe and teaches life skills!

Thomas L

My son started in their Taekwondo School when he was 4 years old, and now at 8 also attends the A+ After School Program. I love their style of teaching, with a family first attitude. They are so supportive of their students and work with parents to ensure a high level of mentorship and training. I fully trust their training and know with confidence that they truly care about my son


They encourage honesty, confidence, success, perseverance, a good work ethic and a great attitude in their students.


They teach respect for elders, confidence in oneself, ethical behavior, hard work, developing a skill, and helping others.


I wholeheartedly recommend, Masters Ron and Molly Frazier… They have an endless supply of enthusiasm for the Hillsboro community. Their endless dedication and contributions to the many Downtown events throughout the year, clearly demonstrate desire to help everyone involved, Succeed.  Both will bring new energy to the environment.  Passion for Hillsboro and the downtown district is an understatement.

You will often hear me speak of the beneficial influence Masters Ron and Molly have had in our lives and clearly the lives of many other families here in Hillsboro and pretty much all of Washington County.

Wendy B.

Our now nine year old son has been enrolled at the School of Respect for almost two years now.  We love the School of Respect!  It has been such an excellent experience.  The staff is very knowledgeable, professional and experienced.  I love the way they relate to the kids. They are learning discipline, respect and the foundation of  Taekwondo in a safe nurturing environment that really encourages growth and is fun! My little guy is up to a blue belt now, the progression has been appropriate and challenging in all the right ways. And these people know their stuff. He looks forward to every class and being a part of this warm family environment. I love the fact that we are getting healthy regular exercise into his life as well.  I can not say enough about this place and these folks.  They really love what they are doing and it shines through.

Amy W

We first met Chief Grand Master Ronald Frazier in June of 2010 when our son began his martial arts training at the School of Respect.  At the age of 10, our son had become disenchanted with team sports as they became more competitive and we were looking for a form of exercise he would enjoy.  It quickly became apparent that there was more to the School of Respect than just routine martial arts training.

We believe Master Ron shines his brightest during competitions and community service events.  The sense of family that is fostered by the Fraziers is reflected in the actions of all of the School of Respect members.  The level of support, encouragement and respect shown at these events really goes above and beyond the norm.

We have come to know Chief Grand Master Ronald Frazier as a compassionate and caring teacher, mentor, coach, pastor, father, husband and friend.  In all aspects of his life he inspires others to be the best they can be.

Julie S.

In these 6 years, I have come to know Master Frazier as one of, if not THE most honest, dependable, hard working , and loyal people I have ever met.  He is the essence of all that is good and fair.  He is thoughtful and enterprising in his endeavors.  He leads with acute intuition and graceful, yet abiding discipline. His zeal for personal growth and putting good into the world undeniably inspires his students, family, and friends.  His integrity shines through his entire family, perpetuating principles of order, harmony, selflessness, respect, priority and generosity.  He is diligent and enthusiastic in his pursuit of making the world a better place, and believe me, he and his family do !

My son started here when he was 8 years old and worked his way up past his black belt by the time he started high school. This was a great program to reinforce the values, discipline and respectful behavior we were teaching at home. This took him to multiple competitions on a local and national level, but it was way more than a sport. It was family and an extended place to learn, grow and become a productive member of society. I would recommend this program to anyone of any age as there is value in what is taught both physically and mentally. Today my son is in his second tour with the US Coast Guard and I know that if he were writing this review he would point to the things he learned at The School of Respect as helping him in his carrier path today.

Andrew Losli

No one could have predicted the challenges small businesses would face during the pandemic, but the School of Respect has found a way to persevere and keep a smile on their faces.

Highly recommended place. They are so knowledgeable and great with my kids. The program has made a dramatic difference with the kids attitude and respect. I am very grateful for all of the team.

Cheryl J

 My son has been attending School of Respect for a year now and we are very please with the structure and the lectures the masters have for these kids. When we started, my son was going through a rough behavioral stage and he has improved so much since. I am very glad we enrolled him and I am thankful for the extra support we are receiving. It takes a village to raise a child for sure. I strongly recommend School of Respect.

Giovanna M

I am a first degree black belt through the School of Respect, alongside my parents and brother. The Masters have not only taught us how to protect myself, but have also helped me to learn to respect my family and those around me. They have very good teaching and life ethics, and I have never seen anything but love and discipline here.

Makayla A

It was supposed to be a martial arts class with emphasis on discipline and focus. In addition to learning those he has learnt the value of working consistently on his goals, knowing how to approach life when things get hard, not giving up and knowing that a way exists. Appreciate his family and treat people with respect. They create an atmosphere that builds confidence in their students, teaching that falling is not failing but a necessary step to mastery.


I am a parent with 2 children attending classes and participating in the programs offered by The School of Respect. We have been thoroughly pleased with how our children have grown in mind, body and spirit. As a working parent, this has been a win-win experience, for all of us. I know we are not alone. We constantly read and hear rave reviews from other parents and members of our community.


They encourage their students to be focused, respectful, and honest and to set their goals high and to strive to be the best individuals they can possibly be. The family’s positive attitude and hard work is propagated through their students and the Fraziers just make the world a better place.


They have influenced the lives of numerous students at all age levels that study at the School of Respect to be good, honest, and upright in all aspects of their lives… They have a passion for teaching, community and strong families…They have touched the lives of all the students, especially the younger members, as well as the parents for good


I am a parent with 2 children attending classes and participating in the programs offered by The School of Respect.  We have been thoroughly pleased with how our children have grown in mind, body and spirit.  As a working parent, this has been a win-win experience, for all of us.  I know we are not alone.  We constantly read and hear rave reviews from other parents and members of our community.

The School of Respect has been an excellent choice for our family. The staff, the curriculum, as well as the everyday applications to life has been of great benefit to us. The values and standards that we strive to instill in our family is reaffirmed in the teachings along with great self defense techniques that are taught. We love the fact that the class we take is a family class, we practice together and advance together. Respect, Confidence, and Discipline are core values. We receive complements from complete strangers on our children’s behavior, they have always been pretty well behaved, but the School of Respect’s training has helped us take it to a higher level. We compete as a family in tournaments and we also take the Cage Fitness Classes for continued exercise and learning. I would highly recommend the School of Respect if you are looking for a Martial Arts that has a well rounded curriculum with respect for the family unit.

Jinnie A.

I am writing to recommend Molly and Ron Frazier. As a local business owner in the downtown Hillsboro area I’ve known the Fraziers  for approximately 5 years, and have enrolled my children in their Dojang, School of Respect. They are always willing to go above and beyond to help anybody in need. They are well liked by their business neighbors, students and peers. The Fraziers are always willing to listen, take constructive criticism, ask the hard questions, and try new ideas. They are always working hard to improve their business and be a part of the community.

Dustin K.

We were immediately impressed by the connection Master Frazier seemed to form with each individual and his ability to teach students of all ages.  Under his leadership we have seen our son, and other students, go from being a children lacking passion and motivation to young adults who are dedicated and determined to achieve their goals with honor and integrity.

We have seen Master Ron rise above personal challenges with the same positive attitude and perseverance that he instills in his students.  His moral and social values are a constant reminder of what is right and important in life regardless of the negative messages that are all too prominent in society today.  He truly leads by example.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chief Grand Master Ronald Frazier for 6 years.  In that time I’ve known him in a variety of capacities. He has provided spiritual and personal growth mentorship as well as world class martial arts instruction to my entire family.

I, and my family, personally endorse Chief Grand Master Frazier as an invaluable mentor, luminary, friend, and family man. He has proven himself to us as a noble humanitarian in countless ways.  He has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and influence and has most definitely earned a position of unconditional trust and importance in our family’s lives.

Kristi S.

The [School of Respect] is far more than just a school, it is a family-first environment.  The focus is on Respect, Discipline and Confidence, and building a foundation to grown on physically, mentally and spiritually.

I joined the USSMA back in May of 2005.  50-60lbs overweight, I was looking for an activity with 2 of my 3 kids (9 and 11 at the time) that would help me get in shape, help my daughter gain confidence and help my youngest son gain discipline. The school was open and inviting.  The availability of a family class where I could practice with my children was a huge bonus. Over my time at the school I have lost 55lbs, watched my daughter blossom into a confident young lady, and my son gain self control and discipline.   In addition to our blackbelts, and an ability to defend ourselves if necessary, the USSMA helped us form deeper bonds with each other, better communication as a family, and even a develop a shared spirituality (we were all baptised by Master Ron). Master Ron and Molly Frasier and their family (Master Zach and Master/Chogonim Grace) are truly a light and an example. My experiences with the school have helped me gain Confidence in all aspects of my life.  Tempered with Respect and Discipline, I have seen this Confidence help daily at work, in family activities, and even just with my sense of well being.

I highly recommend the USSMA, the Frasiers, and their program.  They truly develop a well rounded individual, that just happens to also have a blackbelt! 🙂  A blackbelt isn’t something you wear or earn, it’s something you become.  – Jeff B.

Our students and their families, along with our staff here at the school have benefited from The School of Respect’s program for the past 2 ½ years. They emulate what our school strives for in each child and share the same values and goals for these children (3 years – 14 years old), Reason, Respect, Responsibility, Self Confidence. When we have an issue with a child, not listening in class, talking during lessons, not being respectful, or not getting their school work done, the masters are able to address the problem with the individuals to help them take responsibility for their actions and help the students get on the right track. Our staff works well with their team and we are able to help plan a resolution to any problem we might see in the classroom or at home. Their program is a wonderful addition to our aftercare program.  The children learn self-defense, healthy habits; they are exercising, and working towards a black belt. These life skills are teaching the students that they can be their own hero in life, to be helpful to others and to do their best each day. – Debbie B

We have been a part of the School of Respect for going on 7 years under the direction of Master Ronald Frazier, Master Molly Frazier, and their children Master Zach Frazier, and Choganim Grace Frazier.  During this time we have come to know the Frazier family not only as exceptional martial artists, but also as spiritual and family life mentors. Their principles in teaching not only build technique and skill in the arena of martial arts, but are largely focused on areas of character and conscience. Starting at the very basic level of family values, respect, discipline, and a positive attitude are front runners in the daily curriculum you will find at the US School of Martial Arts. Building a strong family unit and support system as well as developing strength of character and living in a manner which exemplifies truth, humility, and compassion are imperative to their mission. The Fraziers are very passionate about what they do and this does not end in the dojang. The Fraziers have been leaders to us spiritually as well and spend a large portion of their time away from the dojang developing their ministry and providing family and marriage workshops as well as youth groups and offering support and guidance for families and individuals. During our years with the School of Respect  I have watched not only my own children , but many, many others grow into confident , well rounded people. I have approached the Fraziers on many different levels in the past and present and, in this narcissistic world, am truly warmed by their genuine care , concern, and level of engagement in helping people find faith and solutions in a variety of situations. As are Master Ron and Molly, their children Zach and Grace are also a light and example of humanity and excellent role models for the kids who come through the School of Respect. In whole , the Fraziers are a divine force in a society that has largely lost it’s roots and core values. They strive daily to bring these simple, but quintessential fundamentals back into the hearts and lives of everyone they encounter. They have an irresistibly positive outlook on life and one can’t help but strive to be a better human in their daily lives after spending any time with them. My family and I are blessed to have them in our lives and above and beyond our involvement as students at the School of Respect , they and the values they have instilled in us through their example and teaching will live in our hearts forever.

                      Here are just a few things our family has gained from the School of Respect……

S – Strength
C – Character
H – Humility

0 – Optimism
0 – Obedience
L – Listening

O – Outstanding Attitude
F  –  Fundamentals

R – Responsibility
E –  Enthusiasm
S  – Self Discipline
P – Patience
E – Esteem
C – Confidence
T –  Truth

– Kristi S.


I would like to start out my letter of support by stating the Frasier’s School of Respect Martial Arts Studio is far more than just a Tai Kwan Do studio, it is a family-first environment. The focus is on Respect, Discipline and Confidence, and building a foundation to grown on physically, mentally and spiritually.

 My son (Jerrid) joined the School of Respect back in ????.  Jerrid has always been in the 90+ percentile size wise, and slightly overweight.  We were looking at this as an activity that would help him get in shape and down to a healthy weight, as well as help him gain confidence within himself. The school was open and inviting. The availability of class where my son could practice with youth both younger and older as well as adults matching his size was a huge bonus. Over the course of our time spent with the school, I have watched my son blossom into a confident young man, as well as gaining even more self control and discipline.


Master Ron and Molly Frasier, as well as their children (Master Zach and Master/Chogonim Grace), are truly a light and an example.  In addition to all that they do in martial arts training, I have witnessed them doing wondrous things in many people’s lives spiritually and educationally.  Whenever there is a crisis or concern, they are always willing to give as much as they can in prayer and service.  Countless times Master Ron, Master Molly, and their kids have prayed with/for families and individuals alike with all their hearts for whatever is needed.  I have also witnessed Master Molly on numerous occasions taking time out of her busy day to tutor students who are struggling academically.

 Tempered with Respect and Discipline, I have seen this Confidence help daily in my son’s life, activities, and even just with his sense of well being.I highly recommend the USSMA, the Frasiers, and their program. They have truly helped develop a well rounded individual in my son.

 A blackbelt isn’t something you wear or earn, it’s something you become. – Michael P.

To whom it may concern, I have worked under a Developmental Optometrist for eighteen years as a Certified Visual Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation therapist for eighteen years. I have extensive education, experience, and training. I have worked with patients of all ages who have vision, learning and cognitive disorders. I consider the School of Respect Taekwondo program to be an essential service. The training programs they provide have therapeutic benefit for students of all ages who experience cognitive and physical difficulties in the following areas: Sustained attention Short term, working, and long term memory Sequential memory Spatial awareness Conduct disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Gross and fine motor coordination Laterality and directionality awareness Visualization Sense of time Visual spasm of accommodation Visual restriction of peripheral vision I can provide examples and explanation if requested. – Cheryl J

To whom it may concern.

We first met the Frazier family back in 2004 at their musical concert at our Church and they spoke of their Taekwondo School.  My daughter thought that sounded fun and we were looking for a sport activity with a good foundation, so we went down and signed up. Therefore, through these past 10 years we have grown in our walk with God, friendship as well as my daughter now has her 2nd Degree Black Belt.  One of the great things is I never had to force her to go, which says a lot for the Frazier Family, the School of Respect and the principles that are taught and enforced at the School of Respect

Grandmaster Ron has displayed great character.   He is a tremendous leader and this is shown not only in his family life but also at the Dojang. In the role of Grandmaster Instructor to the students that are competing he works with each of them and makes sure that each one is prepared for his/hers belt level.  There is a motto that they say about competitions and that is this, “winners aren’t quitters and quitters aren’t winners”. I believe this statement makes each one believe that they can accomplish anything if they keep going, but also teaches that winning isn’t everything.  He has personally been at the ringside of all of my daughters sparring matches and has pulled her through some tough matches always very professional with judges, other coaches’ teammates and is always looking out the best interest of the individual.  Grandmaster Ron teaches and prepares each student that is competing to the highest level of respect of other teams and Masters.  The teams that my daughter has competed on have been very successful and sometimes walk away with all Gold, and Silver medals.  Grandmaster Ron is a 7th degree Black Belt and has a Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award.  He is a National Gold medalist and has numerous other medals but has also trained others to accomplish National/State Gold medalist. He is very patient with all the students from the very young to the older ones and teaches them a higher level of respect, discipline and confidence.  He is very loyal and honest with all his students.  He also has been a great mentor to many of the families at the Dojang who have needed some extra guidance and support and has a very strong faith.

Master Molly is also an outstanding leader.  She is a 6th degree Black Belt.   Looking at the family dynamics and business, she has accomplished both of them with grace and truth.  She is friendly and very giving of her time.  She has also mentored a number of wives, families and students.  Her giving spirit and enthusiasm is very contagious and a joy to be around personally as well as in a business setting.

Master Zach is another outstanding leader.  At the age of 21 he is motivated and committed to all the students.  As the son of Grandmaster Ron he has walked in his father’s footsteps, learning so many good qualities and characteristics from his father and mother.  He is ambitious, caring, polite and respectful.  The students young and old love to be around him.  He is a 5th degree Black Belt which shows he is very disciplined and motivated.  Zach also does some mentoring of the younger students in schooling issues and family concerns.

Master Grace is full of life and a joy to be around.  She also is following in her parents footsteps.  She has been a mentor and friend to my daughter as well as many other girls in the Dojang.  At 18 years she has won a number of national and world gold medals and is a 4th degree Black Belt. She is considerate, caring, loyal and respectful.

The Frazier Family Team is just that… a TEAM. They are fully committed to each other and their strong faith and The School of Respect.  My Daughter has also been a part of some of the other ministries that they offer and one of them is JC Edge, which is a youth group for those who want to grow in their faith. A group of students, who have the same goals and support, encourage and deepen their spiritual walk and have fun together. All of the Frazier’s are musically talented and the School has put on some incredible plays which have included a number of the students.  They teach life lessons, respect, confidence, discipline and professional Martial Arts.  Each one of them has been an incredible leader and mentor to us personally.  As a single parent it is hard to instill the father roll of a family setting and at times discipline has been difficult. Just knowing the Frazier family and  that I have a support and caring team behind me  and been a part of the School has been a true blessing It is a fun, exciting, family atmosphere that we have come to love. – Kim C

There are great things happening inside this Dojang. Much praise and love to the Masters – Cassaundra A


First I just want to say great place if you are looking to build your confidence and skills and build respect for self, others and country….for all ages! I had concerns when I first looked into it and started as I am no spring chicken. They work with you and help you as you journey to becoming a Blackbelt…and that is what it is…a journey. It’s a journey that teaches you values like respect, and discipline and Courtesy. It builds Character and Confidence that will stay with you. This is what they teach here. They teach it to everyone here no matter who you are or your age, young or old. If you have it, they reinforce it daily and consistently. We all need that. Kids especially need it and will trive on the consistency. If this is what you are seeking for yourself or your family then this is the place for you.

My family found all of that here….and our family is a lot bigger now because we have our Dojang family too. – Jerry A.

I could write an entire essay on how the School of Respect has affected my life for the better (careful, this might turn into one!).

I started classes at the School of Respect at a very important time in my life. I had just spent the last seven months living with people who were not good for my emotional and mental health. To make a long story short, it was bad. My personal confidence was in shambles and I didn’t feel like I was worth a lot at that point. Starting taekwondo with the School of Respect was the starting point of a lot of healing and improvement. The masters have a very balanced way of presenting both discipline and encouragement! They taught me to have faith in myself and others. And I began to see that there are a lot of things I never thought I could accomplish that were achievable with hard work and discipline!

The environment of the school is very open and friendly. The masters welcome families (a large chunk of my family started taking classes at about the same time and loved our time learning together) and encourage individuals to learn how to work as part of a bigger whole with respect and awareness. Students are constantly taught to be mindful of each other and of ourselves, to watch and react with control and discipline to maintain respect for everyone there. In classes they teach important life lessons along with taekwondo! Self defense goes hand in hand with learning how to be the best version of yourself that you can! I’ve grown so much since I started learning from the masters at the School of Respect! I’ve been able to regain the confidence that I had lost and have grown so much in discipline and my own understanding of my self-control and awareness. I’ve been able to accomplish goals and learned so much more than I ever thought I would be able to! They’ve all helped me to grow and have done this in a productive, welcoming, and respectful way! They have helped and are still helping me become the best me I can be! – Makayla A.



When we first decided to try the month trial for my son at the school of respect we did not expect too much. My son was having quite a few behavioral issues at home and at school.The first day master Ron was talking about how bullying is not okay and what to do if you are getting bullied. The longer we went through the month trial the more we were seeing that this is lifestyle change of learning to be respectful and giving the kids a positive way to learn to be respectful of others. The setting here is comfortable as you go more you start to see that the masters who run the school of respect really live the values that they are teaching by having their family all involved and treating each other the way they teach. They have really showed us what it means to be respectful, to be a leader, to have accountability for your own actions and to be kind. This is more than just kids learning martial arts as an after school activity it’s it teaching them confidence, discipline and respect. Our month long trial was over several months ago and we have no plans to stop going there anytime soon.

I’ve noticed such a change for the better in my sons behavior since we started at the school of respect that I would personally like to thank master Ron, master Molly, master Zach, master Sammy and master Grace. Keep up the great work! – Kara M.

School of Respect is a great place for kids that have a lot of energy. The Masters know how to channel my son’s energy so he can over come his challenges and be successful. It has been a great experience for our family. – Sarah S


Our Grandson loves his lessons and looks forward to his next class. He is using his respect tools at home and at school. This program is great. – Gayle N.


My 6 year old daughter and I joined up for family classes. After several months my first thought is that I wish I had joined up sooner! This is NOT just a place to go learn a new skill. This is a place to grow as a parent, a child, a friend, a follower, a leader and most importantly a family.


The Masters at this Dojang truly live and breath what they teach. There is so much more to Martial Arts than the physical. You start your training on the inside as well as the outside at this Dojang. They don’t just teach you kicking and punching, they show you how you can heal and grow as a person. They teach you the tools to be the best of yourself, so you can positively affect the world around you and the people in your life. They teach you the tools to defend yourself, emotionally and physically.


I can tell you they have positively impacted our lives in a big way! Just attending classes, the energy and the feeling when my daughter and I are working together on our kicks as a family is priceless. The values they teach here are exactly what the world needs more of! The confidence and smiles I see on my daughter’s face is totally worth it! When class gets out she’s already talking about the next class! I love seeing that motivation and excitement in her and I never want that to end!


I was apprehensive about bringing my 3 year old to classes as well, but the Masters here made it very clear they are there to help YOU. They will accommodate and adjust to help you and your family. The Masters are great with children, especially Masters Sammi and Zack. My girls just love them! The people that go here are also amazing! They make you feel welcome and accepted and you can tell by their attitudes they love being there as well.


The message of acceptance here is huge. Doesn’t matter your shape, size, color, language, religion…..everyone is accepted here. We are all of us in this world together. Here at this Dojang they help you BE together, as a people, as a family. They make you feel connected, part of something bigger than yourself, and that is a great feeling! HUGE thank you to Masters Ron and Molly, Masters Zack and Sammi and Master Gracie! You guys ROCK! – Jessica M

We have been attending this TKD school for more than a year and we love their emphasis on family first, respect and inclusion.-  Jen


Yourself from bullies! Bullies are denied! The Masters are really nice, I like how we get to have fun. My favorite thing in A+ are field trips. Just try it.” – LK, student, age 9.


There are many reasons to join a martial arts school, the most important part is to find one that works for your family, and this works for ours. Watching my son develop a sense of pride in his hardwork, growing in his discipline and increased confidence is reward in itself! – TK, Mom. 


This school has blessed my boys in so many ways! They teach kindness, caring, respect, self confidence, and determination in so many ways. 10 stars! – Amanda H.


This place and these people are absolutely amazing. This has been a turning point for the good in my daughter’s life. – Liz E.


The School of Respect changes lives and improves the discipline, respect, and confidence in not only children, but families. School grades improve, attitudes improve, life at home improves and while all of these wonderful changes are happening, you’re also learning self defense! The School of Respect has been in my life for 12 years, I started when I was 7, and I owe everything I am to them and Grandmaster Ron and Master Molly and I keep improving and growing my character and maturity everyday. The School of Respect isn’t only a great place for children, but families and adults. A great place to come and exercise in their Cage Fitness program and taekwondo classes. Bring the family and make it a family activity! 🙂 One thing I can promise is that you won’t be disappointed and you’ll have a great time! – Erin K.


School of Respect has been such a blessing to our family in so many ways! Our 7 year old has been challenged this year by moving to a new house, starting at a new school, leaving his friends behind. On top of all of that, a new diagnosis of ADD makes adapting to all of that change even harder. The after school A+ program at SOR has done an incredible job at helping him focus, make friends, build self-confidence, be accountable at home and school. He loves it here, and the tools he is gaining at the dojang are helping him in so many other ways. Handling frustration well, investing work into self-improvement, situational awareness, standing up for yourself and others, and respectful communication are major life skills, and we have seen him make great strides in all of these areas since he has been enrolled. The entire Frazier family also demonstrates a high level of caring and generosity in the community, giving their students a chance to see what it truly means to be neighborly. School of Respect has the highest recommendation from our family! – Rachel C.

Our kids started with the School of Respect A+ (summer and after-school) program around 2 years ago. Our daughter had taken some Tae Kwon Do sessions and had been begging to join a gym. We met with several gyms but the after-school program at SoR really won us over, not to mention the Masters at the gym. Over the last two years, we have seen a noticeable difference in the kids’ behavior – they’ve always been good kids but their improved responsiveness and respectfulness are making life easier at home and I think for their school teachers as well. The Masters excel at follow-through, whether it’s discipline or rewards, which helps the kids understand the repercussions of their actions. This has created a group of students that influence and feed off of each other to be good, strong members of our community.

After watching how much fun the kids have at SoR, I had to join! I started with the family class, which the kids joined me for. This was soon followed by weapons and sparing for the three of us. Their family classes are a blast and provide a great workout for myself. The weapons and sparing classes are also amazing and we’ve learned that nunchucks provide instant feedback on form. But most important is the fun I get to have with the kids, both in class and at home. They’re a few belts ahead of me and love helping me with my forms. All in all, we couldn’t be happier with our experience at SoR. The Masters have created such a positive space to learn and have fun and this is strengthened by the community of other students at the dojang. Thanks School of Respect! – Levi B.


Voted #1 Martial Arts School in Hillsboro OR! – Kristi K.


Wonderful and inspiring. Wonderful place to learn martial arts – Juli B.


I have attended School of Respect with my son and daughter, 10 & 13 years old for the last almost a year now. My son has also attended the the A+ after school program and the summer camps over the last year. The School of Respect doesn’t simply teach Tae Kwon Do, you don’t simply earn or achieve a black belt, you BECOME a black belt. In the last year there were some students who received their black belts and I had the privelege of spending a class period listening to each of them read their essays on the meaning of that black belt. Becoming a black belt is much more than kicking and punching & much more than a sport. Becoming a black belt is about being a leader in life, being the example of virtuous character and avoiding the dangerous path. Therefore the lessons they provide also include talks about stealing, bed times, video games, respect, balance, harmony and the like. My son started Tae Kwon Do with some of these & other behavioral issues and he’s had some tough lessons including not testing for his next belt. Belt testing is a privelege so  students must demonstrate respect at home & school as well as the dojang and they require parent and teacher approval. Their approach to learning the physical aspects of Tae Kwon Do clearly work. I am not in the best shape myself and have had difficulty in executing some of the techniques over the last year. However with the class instruction and, not as much as I should, practice at home/gym I have been able to much more naturally & effectively execute techniques, including even a simple (not so simple!) side-kick. The results of their teaching pace and content show themselves through the changes within me and my kids. All the Masters at School of Respect do a wonderful job of teaching the kids all these aspects of martial arts through demonstration.

The cost of attendance is not cheap, nor would I want it to be!, however it is not expensive either. I am glad for signing a contract! I thought very carefully about what I want for me and for my kids out of this instruction. I am incentivised to continue attending and be the best I can.

Lastly, the effect it has had on both of my kids individually would be enough for me. They are more confident, respectful and mature. However going through this with them has been amazing! We train together, we advance together and our relationship is better than ever. It also gives me an opportunity to be a student with them & demonstrate what it truly means to be teachable. – Paul S

The School of Respect is what this Country needs. A great platform on teaching respect, discipline, and a positive outlook.  This is not only for TKD  but also for life and family.  There energy and big hearts will make you a success.   I highly suggest this school as the focus on making you the best individual  possible.  This World needs more people like them. – Brandon S.


My son attended this school for a year and enjoyed every class.  The instructor was helpful and knowledgeable, patient and kind. The family who runs the school were always professional and understanding with our concerns.  Nice studio, clean and well maintained.  

I would highly recommend this place to other kids wanting to learn a martial art, this is a truly unique place! – Heather B.


Praise report! I am overwhelmed with gratitude right now! There just aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am for the School of Respect. Since signing Abby up she has improved in so many ways! Not just at home but at school as well. In how she interacts with people in general. I just got out of Abbys parent teacher conference “which have NEVER been fun” and she got nothing but praise from her teacher! Her motivation and confidence have ALWAYS  been the main topic at EVERY conference. The teacher had 0 complaints regarding those concerns and said that abby is among the most self motivated kids in the class. I’M BLOWN AWAY. Abby has always had trouble Making friends at school very shy and insecure! The only concern the teacher had today was that abby and her “network” of friends have figured out that passing notes is fun. So she split the group up. Problem solved! All I heard in that was abby has a “network” of friends. Thank you to Master Grace Frazier Tkd Hkd Master Frazier Tkd master Sam Master Zack and Grandmaster Frazier for all you have done! I just want you to know that what you guys are doing there IS working and you guys are AMAZING! We are so grateful for all of you. And we are so glad that God led us to you! To anyone that is looking for an after school program for their kid(s) A+ is the best thing we have ever done for Abby and worth every penny spent! We can’t say enough good things about the masters there! And we are so proud of the AMAZING girl Abby is becoming. She has grown TREMENDOUSLY in the time she’s been there. Not even a year yet! We highly recommend this program for anyone looking to improve every aspect of your child’s life! – Tami F


We are newer to the School of Respect (SOR). We signed up a 7 year old that was in need of some positive direction in his life. The team of people at SOR provide an environment that teaches and reinforces the values that young people need; self respect, respect for others, dedication, being kind & caring, growing confidence, being honest and responsible…..sometimes teaching these things means having to address undesirable behavior. What I have witnessed is a consistent approach to growing and molding their students.  Master Molly, Master Zach, Master Sami (and the rest of their team) are all dedicated to these young ones and any needed discipline, is applied with love and respect. Sometimes it is firm (when needed, like when disrupting an entire class), but it is never mean spirited, angry, or not appropriate.  They have an open door policy and are willing to work with parents to reinforce positive behavior.  They are definitely dedicated to these young ones. – Lori D


School of Respect has helped our son immensely. His confidence has grown, his fitness has improved, and his respect to adults is a night and day difference from when he enrolled two years ago. We have seen major improvement since he started their after school program this year. – Josh P


My youngest son has been going here for a few months now and we both love it. He has fun and is learning so much respect and patience. I love it because I like the family atmosphere that he is in all day. His brother will be starting when school starts up and they are both excited to learn together.  I would recommend school of respect to anyone who wants there child to be around great teachers and other amazing students – Evin M


We love the School of Respect! My son has been there for almost 2 years and we love the discipline he is learning.  I appreciate that the school is  family focused, they make sure that the students are doing the right thing at home and respecting and obeying their parents say.  Truly wonderful! Tina J.


My son has been going here for over 6 years now. We love this place. It has been and continues to be a positive atmosphere and influence on my son. They have been instrumental in teaching the importance of discipline, respecting people, building his confidence, believing in one’s goals and pursuing them and standing up for things that are important. – Suraj .


The school is worthy of mention because of its tremendous value to the community. Students of the School of Respect vary in age from the very young to at least one senior citizen. The school has an impact on all of its students but the young learn important life lessons about respect for the people in their world, hard work, determination and how those things bring about personal success and self esteem. The Frazier family is, I think, unique. All four of the Fraziers have been successful in the martial arts and the family as a unit runs the school. Master Ron and Master Molly have been married for many years and their marriage and partnership is inspiring. Their children, Master Zach and Master Gracie are young adults who are mature and intelligent beyond their years. I count myself lucky to be friends with all of the Fraziers.


Master Ron and Master Molly are also pastors who teach God’s Word. The Fraziers also practice God’s Word and are a shining example of Christians practicing the Christian faith. All of the Fraziers are honest and kind people and are an example to the community. I am a Frazier family fan and I wholeheartedly support and praise the Fraziers every chance I get. – Jim H


I have had the fortunate opportunity to know CGM Ron Frazier and his outstanding family for four years now and it has been a pleasure to associate with them and their School of Respect.


My wife Vicki saw a small ad about their Tae Kwon Do school and we thought we would put one of our grandchildren Dylan, (6 years old at the time) into their school for a trial period to assess the staff and to observe Dylan’s reactions. After two weeks, we were so pleased that Dylan is still attending to this day. After 3 years of instruction, he passed his Black Belt test a month before his 10th birthday and is heading towards his 2nd degree Black Belt. Just a few days ago, he mentioned to me that he was looking forward to his next tournament. Our other 2 grandchildren have enrolled (5 & 7 years old) and our newest one (2 years old) is chomping at the bit to join. Their mom and dad have enrolled also and are close to Black Belt status. That should give you some idea of how much we appreciate CGM Ron’s approach to teaching TKD and other life skills and the positive influence he has for our kids and grandkids. The whole Frazier family (Ron, Molly, son Zach and daughter Grace are all high degree masters) and they are dedicated to the well-being of all their students. We have been blessed that we saw that ad and checked out their school. Master Ron and his School of Respect approach the teaching of Tae Kwon Do with emphasis on Respect, Discipline, Confidence, Christian principles, Good attitudes, Work ethics at school and home, Health, and other positive attributes leading to success in life. They actually care about each of the students and their families and it shows in their actions. I and my whole family enthusiastically endorse Master Ron Frazier and his School of Respect based on our experiences there. – William I.

I personally live and deal with upper back, neck & knee issues on a daily basis. I can and will personally testify to anyone that attending Taekwondo in person helps me every day and week to live and deal with issues. The guided stretching & isometric movements in a safe environment with pads, mats and other equipment provide me exercise that reduces my daily pain and increases my stamina for normal living. – Paul S


The School of Respect and all of the Frazier family has been an integral part of [our daughter’s] determination and drive to succeed. I hope that no matter what the future holds for the dojang, that you guys will never forget what a positive impact you have been not only to Kennedy, but to our entire family. – Amy F


I have known Masters Ron and Molly Frazier for over five years as fellow business owners and as mentors to my son in his Tae Kwon Do practice. Their Tae Kwon Do dojang provides a wonderful environment for students to learn excellence in martial arts, personal growth and leadership. During this time I have observed their many contributions to our community through their annual community service activities supporting our Hillsboro Downtown Tuesday Night Market, through their holiday food drives to support families in need, and through their support and service at many of our downtown events. They are fine examples of leadership, integrity and generosity. – B.M.


The School of respect has been a crucial part of our family’s life and of the upbringing of our son. Our son Fox has been taking Taekwondo classes at the School of Respect for over 5 years and we quickly discovered the value that Ron, Molly and the entire team at the School of Respect bring not only to the families that are clients, but to the entire community of downtown Hillsboro. Not only do they provide excellent martial arts instruction, they also infuse every class with invaluable life skills and practical knowledge to help their students succeed in every area of life. With a strong focus on community and responsibility they have helped Fox continue to grow into the amazing young man he has and is becoming.The School has volunteered every week and become a critical part of the Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market and many other downtown events every year for as long as we have known about them. This organization has our full support and “respect” and we believe we as a community need to do everything we can to help them continue to be able to add the tremendous value that they – A.H.


The School Of Respect is an incredible martial arts school and has positively impacted my life and my sons life in so many ways. Their “family comes first” motto is not only something that they say it’s something that they live and I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to train and learn from them growing (even as an adult)in virtue and strength. The daily lessons go far beyond kicking and punching as you are truly conditioning you’re inner self just as much if not more than your body. As I watch my son grow into an adult I can see (daily) the influences of the instruction and time spent with the School Of Respect and will say with 100% surety that our relationship is stronger because of the School Of Respect. – M.C.

I am a foster parent through the state of Oregon, and for more than a year now, my foster children have been enrolled at the School of Respect in Hillsboro.Taekwondo has been very therapeutic for my children and their unique needs. The benefits they have received are numerous.

Exercise: Undeniably good for mental health as well as physical health. 

Community: Being able to interact with safe, caring, and consistent adults teaches them that adults CAN be trusted, in spite of the unsafe adults that have previously been in their lives.

Sensory benefits: Numerous studies have shown that children with traumatic backgrounds require various types of sensory input to heal their brain. Taekwondo provides vestibular, proprioceptive, visual, and auditory sensory inputs.

Behavioral and social: The emphasis on respect helps my kids learn to interact in positive ways with peers and authority. In-person interactions are greatly lacking right now, and being able to attend class in person is vital to their mental health.

Achievement: Meeting benchmarks and earning belts in Taekwondo gives my kids a sense of success and self-confidence they do not get elsewhere. Research shows that achievement can release dopamine in the brain. For children with ADHD and trauma, dopamine is typically low and cortisol is typically high. Taekwondo helps bring those into balance for better focus.

Self-control: My children are learning that it is possible to control their anger, to control their bodies, to control their actions. This is so important to children who have lived in dangerous situations.

Mental health: All the above benefits lend themselves to better mental health. Children in the foster care system are at higher risk for many things, including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Taekwondo provides a huge therapeutic boost for them that fights against those risks. Since starting taekwondo, my kids have felt more self-confident. They are no longer afraid of peer abuse and bullying, because they know they can defend themselves if needed, and they have the self-control to not engage with a bully if they can get out of it.

The state of Oregon pays for taekwondo for my children, and it is included in their safety plan, as recommended by their caseworker, CASA, and therapists. Thank you,-  Emily L., foster parent


I have found that the physical fitness training offered at the School of Respect extends far beyond the discipline of martial arts. Their comprehensive approach to fitness includes endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility training. Their program is designed to provide a therapeutic benefit to each student by improving musculoskeletal function, correct impairments, and maintain a state of well-being. The following benefits are enjoyed by each student who attends the School: Enable ambulation, Release contracted muscles, tendons, and fascia, Mobilize joints, Improve circulation, Improve respiratory capacity, Improve coordination, Reduce rigidity, Improve balance, Promote relaxation, Improve muscle strength, and if possible, achieve and maintain maximal voluntary contractile force (MCV), Improve exercise performance and functional capacity (endurance). These results are achieved through the targeted application of Eccentric, Concentric, and Isometric exercise under the skillful supervision of the instructors in controlled circumstances and with safety equipment available. Students are instructed and led through a series of stretching that includes ballistic, dynamic, active, passive (or relaxed), static, isometric, and PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching. Ben A

We are so grateful for our students. The testimonials they submit are such a blessing! I don’t know if jiu jitsu Hillsboro or karate Hillsboro have the best students like we do. The testimonials here on the website explain well some of the characteristics of our program. Not only do we teach taekwondo as our martial arts program, which is similar to jiu jitsu Hillsboro and karate Hillsboro, but we add the character element. The School of Respect spends quality hours of the program supporting parental leadership in the home. We believe that following parents’ leadership is the first step to success! Other martial arts schools like jiu jitsu Hillsboro and Karate Hillsboro may not have this comprehensive of a program. You will find that it is a huge priority at our dojang. Our testimonials seem to reflect this. Our reviews on Google are also a great representation of this strong element of leadership training. Another great element is our confidence and self-discipline aspect. 100% of students grow these qualities practically instantly. I don’t know if jiu jitsu Hillsboro or karate Hillsboro have included these important goals to their training. We value each individual and their unique qualities, making sure to uplift and motivate them so that each student leaves our dojang feeling like they have achieved something new that increases their value in this world. This is a huge part of our focus. Jiu jitsu Hillsboro and karate Hillsboro may not provide these multi-level training procedures. Our testimonials reflect the hard work we put into each and every individual. Everything we learn along the way, we address and manage the students progress by introducing building blocks to tackle the ups and downs each of us experiences in life. We come alongside parents and individuals to coach them to success and leadership in life.