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The School of Respect team is so excited to hear from you and we are ready to answer any questions you might have regarding our other services! You are just one click away from improving your mental, physical and emotional health! When you sign up at The School of Respect you will receive a uniform and a new white belt. Once you are enrolled you will begin the process of growth and reaching your goals! Our 14 belt system is built to bring you success on your taekwondo journey. A new student wearing a white belt might look up at a wall of belts and find the goal of black belt unfathomable, impossible even… Want to know the fantastic part? It is possible! And has been done before. Many times! Now it’s your turn and the Masters could not be more ready to help you get started!

The School of Respect has a test every couple of months to ensure you reap the reward for your hard work and determination. This way of teaching feels tangible and manageable.

It’s not your job to worry about the race, your Master sees the finish line and knows how fast or slow you should be moving, all you have to do is face the hurdle right in front of you… and that is testing for yellow belt!!

Within the first two weeks you will be equipped with the knowledge of everything you need to learn to succeed. We give a laminated card with each belt that will list out for you the techniques needed to pass the following test.

Be sure to bring them to every class for reference. They are designed to work hand in hand with the in person teaching of your Masters. It is very important to your learning experience that you be on the mat with your instructors twice a week, the cards cannot replace human interaction and forming a healthy relationship with your teachers is detrimental to your success at this school.

Some information you might want to share with the School of Respect representative when you send your inquiry would be,


The age of the student/students interested in joining:

It will be helpful for the representative to understand the age and abilities of the student joining so that they can recommend the the best program for you or your child. Feel free to tell them if your child has a Birthday coming up or if your youngster is mature for their age.


Information about temperament:

Martial Arts is the best sport for children with a hyperactive personality! Feel free to write about your child’s energy level and temperament so that the School of Respect rep can give you a good idea of what to expect from the Masters and in class for training.



It will help to hear about any prior experience the student has had in the Martial Arts. If you’ve trained at another school, maybe you’re from out of town or have recently moved from another state it will help to give information about the amount of training you have had. Things like what belt you reached, what school and Master you trained under and what form of Taekwondo or Martial Art you learned. (The School of Respect does not guarantee you will start at the same belt color that you have reached under another Master. Being the quality establishment, this school might have higher/different standards. Don’t worry, the School of Respect is only out for your best interest in this matter and will place you at a proper level to keep you on a steady path forward towards your Black Belt)


What program your interested in ( Children, Adult, or Family):

Please specify what program you are interested in so that we can provide the correct time frame for your first appointment and free class.


Any injuries or disabilities:

The School of Respect is proud of their ability to modify their program to suit the needs of any age or ability. With experience in training the elderly, individuals working through injuries and working with people in the disabled community. If you feel comfortable please let us know what your disability or injury is and we will do what we can to make our program accessible to you. This might be a simple request to allow you to go at your own pace and The School of Respect can accommodate this as well.


If student is in foster care:

This school is experienced in working with students in the foster care system or who have recently been adopted by a family.The Masters have seen many different scenarios and circumstances. Many times the School of Respect has been able to be a constant in the lives of children who have become accustomed to change. The positive impact of the structure and care that exists at The School of Respect is astounding and is why this Place has become highly recommended by caseworkers.

If possible, please let us know the child’s background and or family circumstances so that we are prepared to handle the situation correctly.


What do you want to gain from joining this program

What is your purpose in joining a Martial Arts School? Are you looking to improve your hand eye coordination? Want to know how to defend yourself? Maybe you saw a movie or TV show with some super cool ninja moves and got inspired to be the next Jackie Chan!! Whatever your reason, please let the School of Respect in on it!!! Let them help you reach your dream!


One last thing you should know before you join this Dojang and start becoming the best version of yourself…

This program is specifically designed with the purpose of growing leaders for ultimate success. The School of Respect wasn’t voted Hillsboros #1 Martial Arts school 3 years running because they teach people how to kick and punch… Although they are good at it… No the real reason this school has won over and over is because of the emphasis the Masters put on the personal growth and integrity of each and every one of their students.

Ask anyone who trains here, this is a place of movement, motion towards a common goal. Many people gathering together with discipline and respect for the purpose of being prepared to defend against any threat. Whether it be a physical threat or a mental one, this place will bring you to a harmonious center with the confidence to face it all.


To take pride in knowing what is right and standing firm in that principal.


When you join this dojang, you are joining the School of Respect mission…



Here on the contact page we invite you to reach out. We will provide a welcoming and warm free trial class so you can get to know us, see the dojang, and learn about all the aspects of the School of Respect. We are here for you. 23 years on Hillsboro’s Main Street, Family Owned and Operated, and having been awarded our 4th Hillsboro’s Best Martial Arts Studio award, we are pretty sure that jiu jitsu Hillsboro and Karate Hillsboro do not offer the same high quality and balanced training. We will give you a personal appointment where you can discuss what your needs are and we can present the various applications of our program. We are a Private Membership Association so those who enroll are members. Jiu jitsu Hillsboro and karate Hillsboro might not have this option. Our school is growing so much because we provide a very complete communication style. Questions and concerns are addressed easily and in a timely manner. We provide a family atmosphere that reaches out to the youngest and oldest of our membership community. Our entire program revolves around high quality martial arts, good relationships and family accountability for the benefit of success for all who train at the School of Respect. We have Little Tigers for the 4-6 year olds, our Junior program for the 7-12 year olds our Adult program for ages 13 and up, and a Family program for all ages. It is a success-driven and supportive place to spend time. We have made it a priority to look out for the best interests of our members. I don’t know if jiu jitsu Hillsboro or karate Hillsboro prioritize their members in the same way. Come and find out for yourself why we are the best martial arts school in Hillsboro!