Art of the hand and foot


In these pictures you can clearly see the technique that goes into a martial arts kick or block. There is a certain elegance that goes beyond expectations.
Many do not realize the true art that is Teekwondo. Most martial arts are known for the fast paced combat aspect. And though all martial artists are expected to practice contact sparring before they can become a black belt at The School of Respect it is not the full focus of what we teach. In fact, some students enjoy practicing their blocking and forms the most.
A “form” is a series of moves completed one after the other in a specific pattern. In its origin, the taekwondo form was made to look like a dance in order to avoid the rule of the Japanese. When the Japanese occupied Korea in 1910 they created a law that taekwondo would be forbidden in the whole country. This was when the form was created in secret and with its slow and also sudden movements it gave off the feeling of a dance and could be performed to music. The martial arts dances, or “Poomse” in Korean, went on to became a traditional part of taekwondo teaching and then passed down through the generations of masters, and even became one of the oficial events, along with sparring, in the olympics games.
With a beautiful balance of speed, power and meditative moves, a “Poomse” is a sight to behold when executed well.
This is partly why belt testing is such an anticipated event at the School of Respect…
It is a perfect way for students and their parents to get excited about what they can expect in the future of their time at The School of Respect. When all of the color belts congregate as well as the black belts to perform the techniques they have been working hard to perfect, it is a show of strength, perseverance and beauty.
And to have the opportunity to watch a Master or Black Belt perform the techniques they’ve spent many many years perfecting is amazing to say the least. And though it will take years to reach black, the color belt students do not disappoint. Many are just as lovely to watch as the high to Black Belts.
You’ll also notice the smiles on the faces of the School of Respect Students. There is a constant uplifting atmosphere at this school. Everyone cares about one another and it shows. The clairity in the eyes of an individual striving to reach their own individual goals cannot be replicated. Not to mention the vibrant smiles on the faces of the whole Frazier Family!! They really do work to make each individual feel apart of the team.
Team Respect has also participated in many tournaments over the years. Coming home with many national and world gold medals. It is an invigorating thought to imagine yourself out on that floor, competing against another participant with months, maybe years of practice all for one moment, who knows! Maybe someday you’ll take 1st!!!
Meditation… at The School of Respect we start every class with meditation but probably not the way you imagine. There is no “energy” or “heightened sense of knowledge” in our meditation. No, it is simply a way to clear your mind of the tension of the day and focus on the task set before you. You are welcomed to pray to God or think of your favorite things, whatever it takes to bring you back to center and get in the zone to focus.
Some have said that the meditation time in class is their favorite time in the week and have, since beginning their classes, set aside time to meditate in there free time at home. In the bustling world of 2021, sitting still seems to be something that must be scheduled in. The School of Respect aims to be an escape from the norms of everyday society. An activity that doesn’t involve electronics. It’s an exercise and a hobby that can be practiced at any time with a reasonable amount of space and at the same time you are learning the valuable life saving skill of self defense.
This is one reason Taekwondo is a highly recommended sport for women. It provides a level up in confidence and skill to survive and/or stand up against the possible reality that threatens girls everyday. Not to mention this sport boasts of elegance and strength, these words coming from the females that train at the School of Respect. Because who says girls can’t fight? We are proud of our confident taekwondo girls! And with 3 of the 5 masters in our school being women it is no wonder that at times this school consists of equal numbers male and female students.
Did you notice the perfect lines in the color belt test picture? This is something quite aw inspiring to watch. The students at the School of Respect are taught cooperative awareness from the very start which is the secret ingredient that brings this amazing alignment into being. The students are taught how to kick and punch in sink in their individual classes and when the whole school gathers in the same room it is like something you’d see from the large taekwondo schools in Korea. Although the groups in Korea, we see in pictures from Grandmaster, involve whole football fields of martial artist, many schools gathered to practice with the same perfect lines under one masters commands.
Though it takes the awareness of every student, when there is discipline this is actually quite simple to accomplish.
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