What To Expect When You Step Through the Doors at The School of Respect:


You won’t miss the large tiger mural on the front window of The School of Respect centered between the Hobby shop and the Old Barber on historic Main St. in Downtown Hillsboro Oregon.

When you step through the doors at this unique martial arts facility, you will notice a certain vibrance. A feeling of definition to the rest of the world. The walls speak through word and art. With phrases like “winners aren’t quitters and quitters aren’t winners” and “No Technique is the Best Technique” the walls begin to teach before the masters even utter a word. Colors of red, white and blue scattered about, dummies and kicking pads, clean but well worn mats with tape markers and lines. A few too many scuffs on the ceiling from the toes of the overzealous kickers of years past who quite literally left their mark on this place.

All of these things making it utterly clear to you, if it wasn’t already, that this has been a center for the growth of many determined martial artist over the course of 25 long years.

As you look up at the many smiling portraits framed at the top of every wall, you might dream of having your own picture up among the other black belt club members. You might wonder what these people did to achieve the medals that hang from hooks below their picture and maybe imagine your own hard work being rewarded with such a memento. Your eyes will follow the rows of faces atop bundles of medals and come to rest at the front of the room. Here you will find the large American and Korean flags, the exact flags you will bow to at the beginning and end of future classes.

At this school you’ll learn to respect those who came before, to honor the principals of your Tae Kwon Do master as well as your master’s master and so on and so forth. To honor tradition and loyalty, to show respect for the principals of the Korean culture, being the place that Taekwondo originated. This is something America and Korea have in common, a distinct character and quality that can only come from the remembrance of those who built the foundation for where we stand. We know that this place would not exist if not for the blood, sweat and tears of many men and women before us who fought for what is right but could only dream of what future humans would create from their hard work. The School of Respect aims to make them proud by continuing in moral excellence and determination to do what is right by God and our fellow man. Not long after you enter this beautiful business you will find yourself greeted by one of the School of Respect Masters or instructors. They always do their best to create a warm atmosphere for people of all walks of life and will do the same for you and your family. Ask anyone who trains at the School of Respect, this place will set you up for success the moment you step foot on the mat. With a focus on growth in discipline and respect, they strive to give their students the tools to live life with harmony.

When you sign up at the School of Respect you are truly joining a community. A group of people all looking to grow, yes, in their physical strength and agility but mentally and spiritually as well. There is something about the knowledge of this fact that will keep you moving forward through even the toughest moments of your journey. On Team Respect, we “Rise Above It” together. The Frazier Family strives to show people the true joy and relief that can come from reaching a goal. With every belt test you pass you will reach another heightened level of mental and physical stamina that will improve every area of your life. And with each broken board you’ll receive a new color belt, another goal realized… and with each small goal you achieve, every hard thing you realize you CAN DO, you are one step closer to reaching the ultimate, seemingly impossible goal of becoming a Black Belt.

To be the best you that you can be.

This is why the School of Respect is the place for you. Though the masters and grand masters here are recognized for their accomplishments as world and national gold medalists they are not only Masters to teach Martial Arts, they are truly in it to help others find success in their lives. The Frazier Family does not teach how to hurt others, they teach self defense. And, as they will tell you, there is a big difference between the two. In fact, they aim to improve the confidence of an individual so much that cooperative awareness will keep them from being forced to use the techniques they practice in class. They strive to keep their students from even entering a dangerous situation, but also teach them what to do in the case that the dangerous situation finds you.


“Take the lighted street, not the dark alley…”


 “Stay away from the bully…” 


“ Make good choices…” 


“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” -Charles Swindell 


These quotes and many more are preached often at The School of Respect. And as a result students are praised by teachers, coworkers and friends on their ability to handle life with clarity and decisiveness. When students join as a white belt, they must learn to follow well. Standing at attention, not speaking out of tern, learning to listen to the Master the first time. And as they grow they will understand that a good follower makes a great leader. And as soon as a white belt becomes a yellow belt they will understand this principal more than ever as the new white belts will be watching…

Everyone is a leader to someone, the question remains, are you a good leader? The School of Respect is a place where children and adults alike learn to follow well so that they themselves become great leaders.


If there is one thing the Frazier Family hopes you take away from the School of Respect it is that “all of life is a lesson, so we might as well get used to learning…” – G.M. Ron Frazier 


All of that said, the Frazier Family can’t wait to welcome you as you begin your School of Respect journey. 


See you soon!!!