Classes at The School of Respect are a fun, well structured way to get moving and grow your hand eye coordination. When you join as a white belt, you will begin with the basics. Front kicks, single punches and the like will help grow your muscle strength and agility over time. You will start at white belt and learn the required beginner hand and foot techniques to pass the first belt test in a few months. Your goal as a beginner is to listen well and do your best to absorb the knowledge it will take to get your yellow belt. Keep in mind… every Black Belt has a white belt at home. This time of learning can feel intimidating but every person on the mat knows what it is like to throw a punch and ki-hap for the first time. All you have to do is be a good follower, the rest will come with time.

Little Tigers
(ages 4 – 6)


To train a young child in the martial arts is to train them up in the qualities of character so they can be confident, strong, respectful, independent thinkers, all the while learning to master their bodies with a cooperative awareness that keeps them from being bullied or from ever being a bully.

At the School of Respect we will team up with you to set high goals for your young child as they learn consistent self-discipline-growing habits and respect-cultivating practices for at-home, at-school, and out in the real world.


These classes are lighthearted and offer basic martial arts skills and instruction in respect and discipline, even offering great ideas to parents in ways to incorporate our systems at home.


​Oftentimes our young ones are underestimated, but not at the School of Respect!

Youth Martial Arts Classes
(Ages 7-12)


Our youth program is is a great place for your child to learn the techniques of the World Taekwondo Federation, a unique and challenging sport based on the Korean form of self defense. This sport grows physical and mental strength, giving students a sense of accomplishment with every new belt they receive, every board they break, and every new form they master. The ultimate goal in our youth program is to grow leaders, high achievers determined to find success.

As students grow in their skills, they will be known by their teachers and peers as leaders and examples of discipline and moral excellence.

At the School of Respect we have great experience with the youth of today. We believe in this generation as it is our true future. We will teach them the great physical techniques of tae kwon do while instilling the mindset of self-protection and cooperative awareness that will provide the skills to protect them against bad influences and dangerous situations now, and in the years to come. Sign up.

(13 and up)


Learn quick and effective self defense moves in a uplifting and motivating community atmosphere!

Teen and adult students find Taekwondo to be a challenging and artful form of self defense that allows growth in goal setting.

With belt tests every few months, students are given a short term goal, and with each short term goal reached you’ll be given a new set of skills to master and a new color belt to tie around your waist. And with this belt you are one step closer to the ultimate goal of Black Belt! Teens will be encouraged and mentored to grow in their self-esteem, confidence, respect and leadership capacities, as they address their high school years and into adulthood. We will team up with parents to help their teen with individual goals and habits that may be causing a lack of harmony at home or school.

Adults can lower stress, lose some weight, strengthen cardiovascular health and core, all while becoming a well rounded Taekwondo athlete.

Our custom, 14-belt, comprehensive curriculum is easy to use and is recorded and laminated for at-home training.

(all ages)


If your goal in taking martial arts is strengthen your family, then our school is for you. The School of Respect supports family values and has designed our system to help you incorporate taekwondo disciplines at home.

The Fraziers themselves started training in taekwondo as a family many years ago and has now designed a class that allows parents to get involved in their family’s martial arts development.

Knowing how hard it is to juggle work and home life, the School of Respect aims to be a place where families can gather and get some exercise together at the end of a long day.

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance as well with home life goals. We can help as needed with situations in which character, respect for siblings, attitude etc. need some tuning. The School of Respect can be an outside influence to support parents’ goals of harmony.