Welcome to Martial Arts Hillsboro. Are you ready to become a black bell? Trust us we will get you there. We have been rated one of the highest and most reviewed martial arts schools. We are a family owned and operated business with a drive and commitment to build and grow our clients one belt at a time, we are building something within that will stick for years and years and maybe one day save your life. Are you Ready to embark on this journey with us? We promised making this decision is the best decision because we are the best.

Martial Arts Hillsboro is widely known and trusted for the knowledge and scale that they provide. We offer a wide age range of classes, a little too big. We also offer a family class. It is widely loved. It is the perfect time and class for bonding and creating memories with you little ones and also a nice workout for the adults. We are the studio for you and your family. We have been trusted by many many families over the years or testimony and reviews speak for ourselves. Everyone that walks in the school becomes family. That is why we are the best.

We have one location and it is Martial Arts Hillsboro. What you should expect when walking in the front doors is a burst of loud energy. We have amazing ancient art, and phrases throughout the walls to keep the motivation and positive thoughts within throughout the whole studio.
Your classes will be both difficult and rewarding. You will gain and learn so very much from the hour or so of time and session. you will be impressed daily not only with us, but what we are bringing to you.

As you start to move up, you will start to gain more and more respect. We want to get everyone to a black belt. Everyone has the strength they just have to find it within themselves. That’s what we do. We help people find their inner strength. even when you become a black belt, the learning does not end. The training does not end. You are constantly getting stronger and stronger. We are building each and every session. There are always new things to learn. We are constantly learning and teaching new things.

Don’t be afraid to give us a call at 503-615-8854 to see if we could get you in our studio sometime. We have an amazing website. I will put it here https://schoolofrespect.com/. Through the website you can find what type of classes we offer like little tigers are young martial arts, art classes, and our adult classes. you will also find our gallery One scroll down you will see pictures of our family and our students in school. We thrive on excellence. On the website, you will also see live testimonials that believe they are real and speak for us.

Martial Arts Hillsboro | not easy but worth it

Martial Arts Hillsboro is a school that teaches respect. Respect to those who came before as well as principles to honor the masters from the past. Each test you pass will only bring you closer and closer to the black belt you were wanting. Everyone starts off as a white belt. No one gets an advantage that is what we love. Everyone starts, and is given the same opportunity. Each class will feel stronger and stronger and more knowledgeable. You will find that body control can take less energy and extortion if everything is coming from the mind.

Get you and your family started today at Martial Arts Hillsboro. You were not only martial arts but also what it really means to respect. Our values here stand on respect. We teach that with everything that is done. We are amazing at how we push respect and how much is learned and gained. you and your family are not only getting a great workout, but also life lessons and valuable lessons to be learned.

We thrive on being the best. Our clients and students believe we are the best. We have learned so much about the martial arts industry over the years while in business and having incorporated new things as well as keeping the old foundation within. With that being said that is what people love most is we never changed our foundation just only added things for the school betterment as well as the students. Teaching old gains respect for now and that is what we try to push here.

We have learned how to combine a lesson and a release into one at Martial Arts Hillsboro. As a family of five, we are always busy and understanding how life can get this has become a part of our life. We offer something absolutely amazing and want you to be part of this as well. You will be taken in like you are our family. We will build and grow altogether. Take the stab and leap of faith to join us. Once you do finally put the trust in us, you will realize you should have done it a lot sooner as all of the things that you were wanting to start to come true.

I am adding all our contact information to make us easily accessible for you.here is our phone number to reach us at 503-615-8854.
This is our link here https://schoolofrespect.com/ for our amazing website on that website. You’ll see the tab once you click on it that will show you all what to expect as you walk in the doors into the newfound journey and learning new things. You will also see our classes in age range. We have a gallery as well as testimonials for you all to look at. Those happy people can be you within a couple months. And most importantly on the contact page if you leave your name, phone number and email we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible to get you and your family in our studio/school.