Do you or someone you know need help standing up to the bullies? Do you want to gain respect and discipline? Luckily at top martial arts Hillsboro, we can teach you all this and more. From throwing a punch or a kick to gain respect and discipline. We are the best in the business and offer classes to anyone and everyone! We have over 23 years of experience and work with a great team. We are a part of an amazing foundation and the Hall of Fame! Our classes start when you are four years old and go all the way to over one hundred years old or older! We believe that we are the best service in the area so much that we offer our first class for free! We know that we teach tae kwon do correctly and efficiently. Not only do you learn how to break a board. You learn self-discipline and character development. We have an abundance of different types of classes. From our little Tigers, summer camps, afterschool programs, to our family, youth, adults.

Starting with our little Tigers, we teach them how to become independent, strong, self-discipline, and respect for their own selves and the others around them. We showed them the importance of how to control one’s emotions and how to properly express themselves. We want this to be the building ground of their lives and for them to become the best versions of themselves. We believe in growth and that’s one of our main tears that we focus on.

We at top martial arts Hillsboro, push our youths and families to become better. We show them that their strength and growth you can do anything. We teach them how to be physically strong, but also mentally strong. We show them the safe way to express frustration or anger in their lives. We show them how to become independent, have morals, and become great leaders. We teach our families to come together for help, learn together. We want them to learn to respect each other in their boundaries. We show them how to create their own goals, as well as to help others reach their goals.

Taking adult class can be very beneficial for you. It helps keep you safe, helps your general awareness, lowers stress. Helps you stay fit, physically and mentally healthy, and learn great leadership skills. And most importantly, to help become the best version of yourself.

Here at top martial arts Hillsboro, we work personal with you, and find out what is best for you. We have over 23 years of experience, and we want to use that on you. We are constantly growing, why can’t you? From disabilities to broken bones, we are personal to you. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us on our website! Our website is Of course, you can always reach us by telephone, our number is 503-615-8854. We look forward to talking to you and working with you and your family.

Top Martial Arts Hillsboro | Becoming the Best Version of Yourself!

Have you ever joined something, and it was never personal to you? Or maybe, you are getting into a new hobby, and feel accepted? Here at top martial arts Hillsboro, you are accepted the moment you walk through our door, or give us a phone call. We work high and low to make this personal to you. We care for you and your well-being, and this is why we do what we do. We have over 23 years of experience, and have grown a lot from it. We work with a great family, and offer classes for anyone and everyone who wants to join. We are part of an amazing foundation, and a part of the Hall of Fame! The moment you walk through the door you are treated as family to us. All the way starting at four years old through the age of hundred, and even more than that! We have so many classes, and several programs! All that personal for you!

Top martial arts Hillsboro teaches little Tigers the importance of growth in oneself. We show them how to become independent, strong, and self-discipline. We show them how to respect for yourself and for others around you. We work with them on controlling their emotions and rarely seen any negative feelings in a healthy way. They work with the parents to see if there’s any special needs that needs to be met with while we show them. We offer summer camps and afterschool programs!

We work side-by-side with our youth in junior classes. Through tae kwon do, we showed them strength and show them how to grow. This is a very sport activity, so of course, they will have physical health, and just as important mental health. We teach them the importance of morals and self-discipline to follow them. We teach them how to become independent and leaders. We believe it is our job to help mold them into the next generation of leaders in the world! All while having fun and learning martial arts.

We even offer adult classes! Where adults can come together and learn how to keep themselves in family safe, stay physically and mentally healthy. Work on their general awareness, get stronger, and learn leadership. A lot of families come together, for our family classes. Top martial arts Hillsboro teaches them to come together and respect each other. We create goals and together we work on helping each other to cross off their goals. We are very family oriented and love for family have fun and grow together.

We work personal with you and create a certain set of goals that we want to reach all the way from their first class there, to the last class when they receive a black belts. He will come out of this a better changed person. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always feel free to reach out to us on our website. Our site is Of course, if it’s easier and better to reach us by telephone, our phone number is 503-615-8854. We look forward to hearing from you.