At the Taekwondo Hillsboro we can ensure that you will receive the best possible quality of martial arts service that you could ever imagine. With belt tests every few months, our students are given a short term goal, and with each short term goal that you will be given, you are expected to reach a new set of skills to master in order to earn the next color belt. The ultimate goal in all of our programs going from our programs to our adult programs is to grow leaders, high achievers, and children/adults that are determined to find success.

When you choose Taekwondo Hillsboro at the school of respect we will have a great experience with adults, and the youth of today, as we believe that the youth is the generation of our future, we will teach them the great physical techniques of taekwondo, also instilling the mindset of self protection and cooperative awareness that will help to provide them the skills in protecting them against bad influences, and or dangerous situations now or in the years to come. We will help you or your child become prepared for any type of scenario that may come your way.

During the trial of our courses atTaekwondo Hillsboro you’ll learn quick and effective self-defensive moves in an uplifting and motivating community. Our ages ranging from toddlers, teens all the way to adult students find ways for tae kwon do to be challenging, and also as you’ll learn quick, and effective self-defensive moves in an uplifting and motivating community. Our ages range from toddlers to teens and all the way up to adults ranging in their mid 60’s. students find ways for tae kwon do to be challenging, and also an artistic form of self-defense that can allow room for growth in a goal setting and atmosphere.

In our family class we like to think that if your goal in a martial arts class is strengthening your family, then the classes that we offer at our school will be the perfect fit for you. The school of respect will support your family values and has designed our system to flow smoothly and correctly in order to specifically cater to your needs to help you incorporate tae-kwon-do disciplines in our classes as well as in your home setting to make the home life and atmosphere in your household more enjoyable

If you are interested in visiting the highest rated, and the most reviewed martial arts school in Hillsboro then you should come to the martial arts school of respect. Visit our website today at the link provided beside at You can also give us a phone call for any questions or concerns that you may have or if you just prefer to use your phone to schedule your first appointment for one dollar our phone number is 503-615-8854. we can ensure that we will be the best martial arts school in the Hillsboro area for you and your family bless you.

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If you’re interested in learning at the Taekwondo Hillsboro, then you should know what to expect and we are here to tell you. whenever you first sign up, you will be enrolled to take your first free class for you to get a feel for the doting and need a masters. Once that happens, then we can get you signed up and get you your uniform, which will be given to you at no cost. your first couple of classes are going to be super exciting as you’ll be getting to know your new friends as well as your instructors. You will begin with a white belt and then will learn how to tie the white belt around your waist properly before you take your first test.

Families love our classes atTaekwondo Hillsboro because it provides away for kids to learn discipline and self-defense the their parents are not able to teach them, but also enjoying themselves and spending time with their family. Parents love how they are able to learn convenient and necessary techniques as well as seeing the improvement in their children in our classes that we as well as in their school habits. we have several examples of children who have learned to focus better and respect their teachers better sense learning with us.

Whenever you’re in the end of the Taekwondo Hillsboro classes, you will be expected to bow at both the American flag, and the Korean flag as well as as your masters, with a thank you in Korean. This signifies a simple sign of respect and a deep appreciation to your leaders and superiors for their instruction. After this you will go into what we call the back gym, and this is where our children will receive stars for their achievements throughout that specific class as well as a behavior in class as well as at home.

by using these star achievements system, we believe that it causes our children to aim to grow a healthy and communicative relationship. This also works the same way for our instructors and masters and ways to help communicate, and have a healthier relationship with the youth students as well as your parents. While conducting our star chart achievements system, we will also ask your student how he or she is. doing with her behavior inside and outside of the classroom with the master or dojang

We only want to be teaching a child to kick and punch if we know that they have good self-control and healthy respect of authority. that is why we instill our star chart, achievement systems, that the children know that we do not earn stars, punching and kicking for no reason. If you were your family are interested in taking or signing up for one of our martial arts classes today you can visit us online at to get more information, our classes or to see our gallery full of all types of pictures from classes or our testimonials from customers. Can also call our phone number at 503-615-8854.