Have you been looking for somewhere to do Taekwondo Hillsboro? We’ve got the perfect spot for you. the school of respect in Hillsboro is a martial arts school that offers a variety of different aged classes for families or individual kids. Our school is The highest rated and most reviewed martial arts school in Hillsboro for a reason. we have Loads of excellent reviews and video testimonials on our website to prove it.

Here at Taekwondo Hillsboro We offer four separate classes. one being the little tigers for ages four to six, the youth martial arts classes which are for ages 7 to 12, adults for ages 13 and up, and then our family classes are for all ages and will all participate together. each class has a specialized dojo and master that has proven to work best with that specific age that they are working with to ensure the best possible experience for our children and families.

Often times the young ones are underestimated, but not here at taekwondo Hillsboro. These “Little Tiger” classes are all light-hearted and offer basic martial arts skills and instruction to learn respect and discipline. we also offer great ideas to parents and ways to incorporate our systems at home . Our next age group Is the seven to 12 age. this is the perfect time for your child to really learn the techniques of Taekwondo while growing physical and mental strength, giving your child a sense of accomplishment, earning new belts, breaking boards, learning self protection and Cooperative awareness that will protect them against dangerous situations now and in the following years to come.

Our adult class is for ages 13 and up. students are given a short-term goal and with every goal reached you’ll be given a new set of skills to master in a new color belt to tie around your waist until you are at your black belt or desired color belt. with our teen individuals we will also team up with the parents to help them Reach those individual goals and habits that may be causing a lack thereof. this class will help you to learn quick and effective self-defense moves in an uplifting and motivating community. Class has been proven to help adults lower stress, lose weight, strengthen cardiovascular health and core and all at the same time of just becoming Talented and educated Taekwondo martial artist.

If any of these classes interest you or your family give us a call at 503-615-8854 to enroll today or get more information. you can also visit our website for more information on classes before signing up at https://schoolofrespect.com/classes/ . When you schedule or sign up today your first lesson is only $1. how could you say no to that? Let us bring Harmony into your home and teach your children respect and discipline while also exercising and learning by signing up with us today. we aren’t the highest reviewed martial arts school in Hillsboro for nothing!

Taekwondo Hillsboro | Our Gallery

Taekwondo Hillsboro is the place for you if you’re looking to have some family fun or to look for ways for your child to have fun, burn energy, exercise, learn respect and discipline, as well as self defense. At our location we offer four different classes for three different age groups and one class being for The entire family. Our youngest age group for classes is ages four to six. the next age group is for ages 7 to 12 and then adults for ages 13 and up.

Here at Taekwondo Hillsboro If you have visited our website you may have seen our gallery. This is where we put all of the pictures where you can clearly see the technique and effort that goes into a martial arts hit, kick or block. You can also see how there is a constant uplifting atmosphere at the school. You’ll also notice all of these Smiles on everybody’s faces and how they all truly care about one another And how they are making progress together in the class.

Why do we recommend Taekwondo Hillsboro to women? This is because it provides a type of level up in the woman’s confidence level and skill to survive and/or stand up against another person or thing If or when necessary. With three of the five Masters in our school being women it’s no wonder We have about an even population of both boys and girls In classes. In today’s world, having knowledge of self-defense could be a very useful and possible life-saving tool in the future. this is not just for women, this could apply to or possibly become a useful tool for anyone and everyone.

Having our gallery on our website and sharing our images is a very good way for us to show off our traditional Taekwondo style from other styles like jujitsu. traditional techniques have been perfected for belts advancement as well as adding character based family support. this is what sets us apart from other Taekwondo classes or programs, making us the perfect choice for you And your family. As you look at our gallery you will see That our TaekwondoMasters focus on keeping students on their feet when dealing with confrontation or hostile actions, compared to other martial arts like jujitsu will spend a lot more time on the ground. by providing a gallery for you we are inviting you to witness actual martial art events like tests classes and providing you a bird’s eye view of the discipline and energy the school of respect values. We are the people that know how to do all of the best things for you.

If you visit our website or give us a call today to get signed up, your first Lesson will only be $1 and you will receive your free uniform as well as your white belt. We are the highest rated and most reviewed martial arts school in Hillsboro for a reason and it shows. call us now at 503-615-8854 or visit our website at https://schoolofrespect.com/ To get signed up for your first class today!