The school of respect for taekwondo Hillsboro is an amazing program that teaches respect and confidence but also how to defend yourself if the situation ever arises. From the moment you stop from the door, you’ll be welcomed by friendly faces with over 23 years of experience in teaching martial arts. The score of respect has nothing but amazing reviews and we are very proud to be one of the best in our community. At the school one of our main goals is that you respect your elders and you learn how to respect yourself . We want you to grow as a leader, so we also want you to learn to be a follower.

Here at Taekwondo Hillsboro our teachers are masters and grandmasters, and some are world, a national gold medalist, and they are ready to teach your kids, your family or yourself how to find success and confidence. There are some quotes and sayings that we learn here at the school every day and some of those are stay away from the bully, make good choices and take the lighted street not the dark alley. As we want you to know how to defend yourself in times where you need to. We also want you to know how to avoid that situation if possible, because violence is not always the answer. We preach these here at the school respect because we think that it’s important to know

Our school at taekwondo Hillsboro is truly amazing. It is one of the best schools in the community and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of our amazing students. We offer mini classes with different age groups all the way from four to elderly. Our 4 to 6 group is called the little tigers where they learn to be strong, respectful and independent thinkers also while learning to cooperate and use their body. Youth martial arts class is ages seven through 12 they are taught more in depth taekwondo and learn how to break wood. Now that they are a little bit older and understand their bodies better this program is to really help them develop their strength.

Adults is the next class and it’s 13 and up in this class, you learn quick and effective self-defense moves in an uplifting and motivated community. this is where the students usually find it very artful and realize how much they truly do love taekwondo. We also offer family classes and those are for your entire family so you can come together as a family and really have fun with it and we think that that’s super awesome for your family to get you something together.

Go check out our website at school of and sign up for your one dollar first class. Also feel free to call us at 5036158854 and we would really love to see you walk to the front doors and become more confident within yourself or within your family.

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Come learn today at the score of respect taekwondo Hillsboro, and learn how to be confident within yourself and within your ability to protect yourself. We believe that knowing how to protect yourself here is very important, but we also believe that knowing how to avoid the situation is also important. We preach the saying take the lighted street not the dark alley. The saying is the perfect example of how to avoid a bad situation. We have been in the taekwondo and martial arts in history for over 23 years and we are a well respected business, and we are committed to the mission of what we teach in our program. We also want everyone of our students and athletes to be a light in the darkness. All of our teachers are Hall of Fame award winners and medallists, and hold the utmost respect for all of the students.

Can learn from the best of the best at Taekwondo Hillsborough, the school of respect we have martial arts classes, character, and discipline training, and also self-defense classes that we take so much pride in and continue to push these classes for everybody. We have our little Tigers class which is a stage four through six and this is just pretty much teaching them. How do they use their bodies and how did they use body control? Do youth martial arts classes ages seven through 12? This is where they really start to learn how to use martial arts and taekwondo, and everyday life is encouraged not to do so. Adults 13 and up is the next class where they learn quick and effective self-defense moves, this is definitely more advanced than all of the other ones and it has a 14 belt curriculum.

And then we also offer a family Class here at taekwondo Hillsboro school of respect. This class is super fun to watch and see families grow together and strengthen the family bond. We started doing this about 10 years ago and it is now one of the most popular classes that we have here. It’s important for families to strengthen and bond together and it makes them stronger in the long run. We think that this class is one of the best classes that we offer and we really love to watch all the families come and leave happier and have a healthy relationship.

We think that it is important to be a leader, but we also want you to be able to know how to be a follower when you’re here, too. Being a leader is very important, but being a follower and being able to listen to good instructions and learn is another thing that we want to be able to teach here.

Please go check out our website at and watch our testimonial videos and see our reviews about our company and how we have helped other families and other kids in their life. Also, if you are interested in classes, you can sign up for our one dollar first class on our website. Or feel free to call us at 503-615-8854. If you have any other questions, I would like to speak to one of our teachers. We hope you consider coming to us and we look forward to seeing you soon.