Taekwondo Hillsboro is a martial art that is considered relatively new, however its fundamentals have been passed down for centuries. And during all of that time it has been nothing but an absolute benefit to those who have practiced it, and the families who have given it a shot. We want you and your family to be able to benefit from all of the amazing training that we can receive through taekwondo. Whether you’re trying to learn respect, discipline, and hard work, determination, or grit. There’s so many different successful people who have done Taekwondo throughout the years. From Chuck Norris to Muhammad Ali.

The benefits of learning Taekwondo Hillsboro are absolutely boundless. And we at the School of Respect have been teaching people for over 20 years. We have absolutely mastered what it means to be a Taekwondo grandmaster. With Grandmasters Ron and Molly taking the home, we make sure to install all of our family values and every single thing we do. That is how we’ve been able to be so successful over the years. We rely on our family as much as they rely on us. Whether you are learning for just self-defense, wanting to learn a base for the rest of your life, or you were just wanting to get a great workout in.

No technique is the best technique. And our Taekwondo Hillsboro Masters will be able to teach you that first time. There is no such thing as being absolutely immune to anything. And we want to be able to teach you and your family that. Nobody is untouchable, and that means you should always respect everyone you come into contact with, as well as the people above and beneath you. We do not teach you how to be an aggressor, but to defend yourself and have confidence in any situation that you may find yourself in over the years.

Taekwondo actually translates to the art of hand and foot, and that is exactly what we are teaching you in art form. The success that you can come from mastering any form will benefit you immensely, however a martial art will do nothing but increase your confidence tenfold, as well as give you the perfect groundwork for you to base your life off of. Even podcaster Joe Rogan has admitted that Taekwondo at an early age has helped him maintain and give him his hard work, drive, passion for everything he does.

We genuinely believe that Winners aren’t quitters and quitters are winners. And we want to teach you how to rise above all of the things in your life. You can always go onto our website at Schoolofrespect.com, we have countless customer testimonials as well as different photos of the dojo. You’ll also be able to see all of the people that we have helped over the years gain their confidence and lay the groundwork for their successes. You can also give us a call anytime at 503-615-8854, and get it set up for your free training session.

Taekwondo Hillsboro | Olympic Caliber Training

Taekwondo Hillsboro has been producing top quality martial artists for 20 years. We have been making sure that everyone who comes into our Dojo leaves not only with the skills that you need to benefit from life, but also the skills that you need to protect yourself and thrive in life. Regardless of what you are trying to do, we are always able to help you accomplish the goals that you would like. We produce so many different black belts over the years, as well as being able to say that we have local and National medalists including gold. We want to be able to give this type of benefit to you and your family as well.

The amazing thing about Taekwondo Hillsboro is that it is one of the only martial arts to be internationally recognized as a sport. That is why we are able to compete in the Olympics every single year. An amazing thing about Taekwondo is that you have the ability to master it so much, so that you are able to Showcase it on the national level every 4 years. And every four years you will be able to see some of the highest quality martial artists on the planet fight for their country in order to secure the gold metal.

The benefits of learning a martial art like Taekwondo Hillsboro are absolutely limitless. Whether you were just trying to benefit your life by learning discipline, respect, integrity, hard work, determination, confidence, and drive. All of these have helped lay the groundwork for so many successful people over the generations. People like Joe Rogan, Anderson Silva, Phil Mickelson, even greats like Muhammad Ali. Even successful people like former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump have been awarded their honorary black belts over the years. And not to mention the greatest of all, Chuck norris. All these people have been able to allow martial arts to lay the groundwork of their life.

We want you to be able to understand that you can gain the absolute confidence that you will need for you and your family. Whether you were just trying to get some basic ground work, or you are wanting to compete for an Olympic goal. There’s no better place to start than the School of Respect. Grandmasters run and Molly Frazier will be able to help you gain and maintain any goal that you want to achieve in life. Whether you were just wanting to be able to defend yourself, or you are wanting to be a gold medal athlete.

There’s so many different people who have benefited from our training over the years. You can be able to see all the different people, as well as the different training schedules and classes we have on our website, Schoolofrespect.com. We have been able to help so many different people over the years, and we cannot wait to be able to help you as well. You can also give us a call anytime at 503-615-8854 we can answer any questions and get you set up for class.