Martial Arts Hillsboro is a school of respect and determination. at our martial arts school you will learn to respect those who were here before you and to honor your master. You must honor tradition and loyalty here at our martial arts school. At our school we do our best to create a warm atmosphere for you and your family. Here we focus on growth and discipline and strive to give our students the tools to live life without fear of being bullied and to be able to live in harmony.

When you become a member of our school you are joining a community full of people looking to grow in both physical and mental states as well as spiritual. Martial Arts Hillsboro school of respect is here to help you reach your goals in becoming the best you can be. We are here you help you build your strength and help you become more confident in yourself. We will teach you self defense and even teach you how to become more spiritually aligned with yourself.

Martial Arts Hillsboro has helped many kids become more confident with themselves and we teach them self defense not to learn how to hurt people but to learn how to protect themselves when needed and under any circumstances. When you join our community you are on your way to becoming the best you possible. You will be building your strength and learning all of our techniques from past instructors.

We strive to give your child an amazing experience here with us at the school of respect. with an on only teaching self-awareness and to see the world around them differently we will ultimately be building their physical strength and agility. We hope your child to learn spiritually and learn knowledge that cannot be taught anywhere else. We hope that when we teach you can help with your toughest moments in your life and we hope that we can help you guys up. We truly enjoy watching our students reach their goal and see the happiness it brings them to achieve a new belt color. Each achievement here at Martial Arts Hillsboro school of respect we Recognize and make sure you are rewarded for your hard work. I would love to be a part of your journey and help your master what it is you want to accomplish with us.

We would love to work with you and your child, if you are looking for more information you can check us out on our website at or give us a call today and one of our staff members will be glad to help you with any questions 503-615-8854

Martial Arts Hillsboro | school of respect

Here at Martial Arts Hillsboro school of respect we offer mini classes. Our classes here are fun and well structured. when you begin our classes you will begin as a white belt we will teach you all the basics and techniques that you need to know. These techniques will help you grow over time, as a beginner you will do well to listen and absorb all the knowledge that we are teaching. We are excited to get you in to your first class and help grow your muscle strength and agility. We want to teach you to feel confident and not be intimidated by anyone.

Martial Arts Hillsboro teaches all ages we even offer you to take our class as a family. At our school we support family values in our system is designed to help you incorporate all that we do into your every day lives. we enjoy offering the family classes because it is a place where families can come together and get exercise and do things as a family. we will teach your child respect and form their character. Describe in helping you and your family become leaders and I achievers. Joining our school will teach your kids awareness and show them that you are wanting what is best for them. We want to help you grow physically and mentally and are more than qualified to do so.

We offer mini classes at our Martial Arts Hillsboro school. We teach all ages from ages 4 to 6 all the way up to full grown adults we have no limits here. We like to make this experience as fun as possible but also keep it very structured so that you can learn all the techniques. Our goal is to get you to becoming a black belt so that one day you can face any issue that comes your way. You’ll be confident in self-defense and we know longer fear walking down the dark alley. You will feel confident in your child being able to handle a School bully if needed. Our goal is not to help you hurt someone But instead feel confident if there was ever a time of danger for you and your family.

At our Martial Arts Hillsboro school we have always had our clients tell us how happy they are to join us. We know it is not easy to learn but we will be here to help you every step of the way. We hope to make this experience with us one of a kind and want you to grow in the best way possible. Let us teach you and your family what it feels like to be able to protect yourself and also be very well disciplined. This school helps you in almost every aspect of life. We fully believe every one should take this class at least once in their lives. It is an amazing experience.

We are looking forward to working with you and your family. We hope that you take the step to come into our school and be ready to learn all the techniques we have to offer. We are excited to watch your confidence grow as well as your child’s confidence. We love nothing more than to watch you become a better you. If you are wanting to join our class you can look us up on our website or give us a call at 503-615-8854. We look forward to hearing from you!