Martial Arts Hillsboro is an amazing Foundation that you can use to be able to gain the confidence that you need to be a better leader and a better person. The groundwork that is laid throughout any form of martial arts training is nothing but beneficial for those in life. There have been so many different leaders both in the business and political world who have been able to attribute all of their success to the fundamentals that they learned at an early age. And the people at the school of respect are the ones that are able to help you in our area. With over 20 years of experience we know exactly what it takes

Grandmasters Ron and Molly Frazier have been practicing Martial Arts Hillsboro for over 20 years. And in those 20 years we have learned exactly what it takes to become professionals and life. There’s so many different people who have been able to attribute their success to martial arts. Taekwondo has been one of the most successful martial arts in the world. Even though it is a relatively recent sport, there was also so much support that has been able to take it not right so high that it is even becoming an Olympic sport. And Olympic caliber sports are able to provide so much to the youth that learn them.

There’s so many special people who have learned Martial Arts Hillsboro. From Adena Friedman (Nasdaq CEO), to Joe Rogan (the most popular podcaster on the planet and UFC commentator), and even Muhammad Ali (I’m pretty sure you know who the Great One is). Even former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald J Trump have been able to receive their honorary black belts. Everything required to obtain a black belt is not just what is required to be put out on the outside, but also the internal knowledge and discipline to progress.

Police across the world have relied on various forms of martial arts to instill in them all of the keys to success that they will need. Respect, hard work, ability to stand back up, confidence, processing, and so many other qualities have been linked to people mastering a form of a martial art. And that is exactly what it is, and art. If you master any form of art you are able to succeed in multiple facets of life. There’s no better one than the one that gives you the absolute most confidence.

This is not something you have to just take our work for though, with hundreds of five star reviews, and countless customer testimonials of different people who have tried us over the years it is easy to see why we are the best in the area. You can always visit us online at, where you can see all the different customer testimonies, the classes that we have available, as well as the credentials of all of our instructors. You can also give us a call anytime at 503-615-8854, and get you scheduled for a class.

Martial Arts Hillsboro | Gaining Confidence in Life

Martial Arts Hillsboro Can give you the absolute amount of confidence that you would need to be successful throughout your life. Whether you are just trying to learn how to get a little bit of self-defense skill, or you are trying to become an Olympic caliber athlete. The mentalities are the same regardless. And that is why so many different successful people over the years have relied on martial arts to help develop them, and play the groundwork for themselves whenever they are younger. We want you to be able to have the same groundwork for you and your family. You never know what life is going to be able to throw you, and you always want to be able to have the absolute most confidence whenever you are dealing with life.

The confidence that can be obtained from mastering a Martial Arts Hillsboro is absolutely unmatched. You will be able to go into any situation with the confidence knowing that nothing can catch you off guard. We all naturally have an instinct to think that something is going to physically hurt us. However, whenever we have the confidence in ourselves to be able to handle any physical challenge, it allows us to go into life without fear. And that is exactly what you need to be able to succeed, no fear in any challenge.

We want you to be absolutely successful in your life. And we know you can obtain that with
Martial Arts Hillsboro. Taekwondo has been considered a relatively new martial art, however it has been so popular that it even got a spot in the olympics. Becoming an Olympic caliber sport is not just an easy thing, there are very few martial arts or Combat Sports in general that are able to obtain this. Grandmasters Ron and Molly know exactly what hard work means, and they want to be able to instill these amazing things to you and your family.

For over 20 years, the school of respects has been able to help people all around the area gain the confidence that they need to be able to succeed in life. You are also able to gain so much confidence by going to one of the competitions that we attend. Whether you were just trying to prove to yourself that you can do it, or you were going for gold. We do not believe that anyone should be able to half-ass anything. And as such we are going to make sure that you push yourself as much as humanly possible. There are no shortcuts in life.

We genuinely believe that Winners aren’t quitters, and quitters aren’t winners. And also that no technique is the best technique. We want to help you rise above it and obtain all of the goals that you would like. You can always visit us online at, where you can see all the different customer testimonials and classes that we have available. You can also give us a call anytime at 503-615-8854, or we can help you today.