Martial arts Hillsborough is known for the school of respect, martial arts. I’d like to think they were growing leaders one black belt at a time. It’s a Family owned and operated martial arts studio and we are committed to growing and developing your kids or yourself into leaders. We teach discipline, respect, teamwork, and love. We want to give you your child, or your family, a skill that they can carry with them for the rest of their life, and possibly save them one day.

At Martial art Hillsborough We have three different age groups of classes. We have little tigers that are ages four through six.This class is mostly to make these children from 46. Feel confident, strong and teach respect. Do you want them to be independent thinkers? All my learning to Mesa their bodies with coordination awareness. I keep them from being bullied or ever being a bully. This is pretty much just a basic martial arts class where you learn the moves and how to incorporate them into the system of martial arts. If you put your kid and little Tigers from ages 4 to 6 usually they’re underestimated but here, at the school of respect, that is not the case. Most of our little ones grow up to be some of the best martial art performers that we’ve ever produced. He teaches them great hand eye coordination, and also teaches them to be able to protect themselves if they need to.

Our second class at martial arts Hillsboro, the school of respect, is the young martial arts class. Our youth program is ages seven through 12, and it teaches on the techniques of taekwondo. This one works more physically, but also more mentally then the first little Tigers class. Giving them a sense of accomplishment and also knowing how to mentally work through things. They will teach discipline and moral excellence in this class. As the schools respect us, we have a great experience of the young youth of today and we believe in this generation, we want to be able to protect them against anything that may harm them in the outside world.

When you step in the room of the school of respect, you’ll feel a type of vibe go through the room. It almost makes you feel motivated. There are many faces and smiling faces all over the walls of her past present and regular teachers. At the school we mostly want you to learn how to respect your peers and respect others. And also where you came from,

Go visit our website at and hit the about info and you’ll find out more about what makes us the score of respect. Also feel free to call us at 503-615-8854 if you have any questions about what we do here. Also schedule your first lesson with us at the school of respect for one dollar. Yes, you heard that correctly for just one dollar and you can get your first lesson with us. We hope to see you walk through our front doors very soon.

Martial Arts Hillsboro | Growing leaders

Our martial arts Hillsboro school of respect is a foundation of family. We use family as an acronym, and it means fathers and mothers, investing, lifelong yield. Score respect is committed to making everyone feel confident within their ability to defend themselves, they need to. With over 23 years of reputation of excellence and business, The school of respect is hands-down, the best martial arts program in Hillsboro. We highly recommend that you come and you sign up for our one dollar free class. Yes you heard that correctly one dollar and you can take a m martial arts class. We are happy to be a family focused and family center program option for the Hillsboro community.

The school of respect martial arts Hillsborough location is such an awesome experience, and we truly believe in what we do here. We’d love to see how young kids in the little tigers class that are ages 4 to 6 get to transform into more confident and happier individuals. Also the ones that come in that I’ve been bullied at school feel more confident in their abilities to defend themselves if it came to that point. We love to be able to watch them grow as an athlete and grow as a person here. We think that is important here because our entire goal here is to create confident and independent individuals and when we see our little tigers turn up and move into the youth martial arts class, we have a sense of pride to see them, move up in their futures and better themselves.

Here at marsh right here at Hillsborough, the school of respects not only do we offer individual classes, but we also offer family classes so your family can come in and be stronger together. We think that this helps the bond with the family because it’s fun, it’s interactive and it’s still like you’re kind of working out. Also helps you incorporate taekwondo disciplines at home and it also allows parents to get involved with the children. But seriously, how fun is that sound doing taekwondo with your family? I think it sounds like an absolute blast. This program also teaches kids and sometimes parents how to be a good follower cause sometimes you just want to be a leader and there are times in life when you just need to be a follower and we believe in that truly here at the school of respect.

We would love to have you at our school of respect, martial arts classes and if you’re interested in signing up for any classes, please go online and sign up for our one dollar first class. We think this will help any individual that walks around front doors become independent within themselves. Our website is school of and our phone number is 503-615-8854. Please call us if you have any questions that we can’t wait to see you.