Here at martial arts Hillsboro not only can I tell you that you will have fun, gain confidence, respect, strength. You will create a love for yourself and what you do. We offer our first class free. Say you can really see what we do, and what we will do for you. We have over 23 years of experience, and we love to see people at their full potential. We are a part of a great foundation and the Hall of Fame. We have classes for everyone from the age 4 through 99 and up!

Here at martial arts Hillsboro we have an abundance of different types of classes for everyone. Starting with our little Tigers class, starting at just four years old, we teach them independence, strength, and self-discipline. Ourselves and for others around them. They learn how to control one’s emotions in a safe and easy way. Overall growth in their life and become the best version of themselves. We set them up for success, so they learn how to set their own life set for success.

When your little tiger has ground, we have classes for our use martial arts classes. They learn a large amount of techniques and tae kwon do. It is very sport based and it shows them a sense of accomplishment. Not only did they have growth, they also have growth in their physical and mental health. We show them how to be strong leaders and to be independent. We teach them how to have good valuable morals, and how we should stick by them. They want to grow them into the next successful leaders in today’s world.

Here at martial arts Hillsboro we want to keep the adults participated too! It helps you have a safe mindset. Helps you stay fit and lower stress. It helps keep you healthy, not just physically, but mentally to. Helps to show leadership in your own life. If you’re an adult wanting to do this with your family, we also offer family classes. Where we come together, learn to respect each other. We learn to set proper and have goals for ourselves. And work together for each other to reach their goal as well. We create a safe space for us to learn together in harmony.

Here at martial arts not only do you learn to fight, you learn a lot of life valuable skills on the way. We work with you and your personal goals, whether it is about temperament, hyperactivity, and disabilities, foster care, they want everyone to have growth in this school! Don’t be afraid to ask any questions! Sign up for your first free class and we can answer any and all questions! Contact us at or call us at 503-615-8854. We can’t wait to hear from you and the family! Let’s get you guys on the path to earn black belts! We can’t wait to hear from you! Contact us today!
Martial Arts Hillsboro | Are You Wanting Personal Growth in Your Life?
Do you want to learn self-discipline? Do you want to build your character and have fun? Great news! Here at martial arts Hillsboro, we are the best in the business! We offer classes for everyone, starting at the age of four years old up to 99 and up! We have great professional leaders, and over 23 years of experience! We are proud to be a part of a great foundation and also the Hall of Fame! Don’t just take our word for it, our first class we offer is for free! You can come in and see firsthand what we are part of and what our goals are! We love what we do and we hope you love it just the same!

We offer an abundance of martial arts classes! Starting with our little Tigers. And as they grow, so do our classes. We offer martial arts to our youth, adults, family, and even summer camps! We teach our little Tigers how to be independent and have strength. We show them how to respect for ourselves, others, and our families. Here at martial arts Hillsboro we teach them to control one’s self and emotions, and how to safely show how we feel. We want this to be the ground that they build their life on.

Are youth classes we take very seriously. We showed them through taekwondo, how to grow into leaders and have their own independency. We want to show them how to be strong; not just physically but mentally as well. We want to teach them the importance of morals and why that they are important to listen too. We want to help mold them into the next leaders of the world. We want them to see their accomplishments and know their value. They’re very successful and we want to shall not!

Here martial arts, they aren’t just for children. We have an abundance of adults and adult classes that works with your schedule. It helps keeps a safe mindset. Helps lower stress, stay fit, and helps your physical and mental health. It shows you leadership in your own life and how you can improve on it. It helps you align yourself in ways he didn’t know. If you always busy with your family, we also have family classes. Helps families; especially with busy schedules, come together, and not only have fun. But learn how to respect each other and learn together. It shows us how to set our own personal goals and as a family how to help each other reach their goals. We bring families together in harmony and teach leadership.

Here at martial arts Hillsboro, we help people reach the best versions of themselves and show them how to further their growth. We have over 23 years of experience and aim for more. We want everyone to be a part of this and have fun, while learning self-defense. If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach us by our website, that is There also free to call us at 503-615-8854. We can’t wait for to hear from you