I you looking for an afterschool program for your kid? Or maybe a summer camp to help get them active? Martial arts for kids Hillsboro, we’ve got just the thing! We are the best in the business because we work personally with you and your family. We are part of an amazing foundation and Hall of Fame! And we have classes for everyone! All the way from four years old to over one hundred years old, we have something for everyone! We offer an abundance of classes for our little tigers, all the way to adults. We have a great afterschool program, & summer camps! Still not sure? We offer our first class for free! So you can come in and see how it is firsthand! See if this is something that you would want to do!

Here at martial arts for kids Hillsboro, we offer many different classes! Our little tigers have so much fun and have a lot of personal growth! We work with them and the parents to teach them how to become independent, confident, and strong. Of course, we showed them how to break a board! We also teach them self-discipline, and respect for ourselves and for others around us. We work with them on how to control their emotions and properly express what they feel, all while they have fun.

Our youths and Junior classes, through tae kwon do we teach them strength and growth. It is a very sport activity, so of course they learn physical strength, as well as mental strength. We show them the importance of staying healthy, and being a team player. We show them independence and morals, as well as self-discipline. We teach them how to be leaders and how to help others. So check us out for Martial arts for kids Hillsboro.

What we even offered all classes! Adult classes are very beneficial for learning how to keep you and your family safe, healthy, and helps lower stress. It helps you stay fit physically, and helps with your mental and emotional health. Helps you become a leader in your life and have more self-respect for you and for others around you. If you have kids to, sign up for class! Teaches families to come together and work together. It teaches us to respect each other in our family and set goals together. It is really great for building our relationships with one another.

We work with the parent to create a personal goal for them or their child. Whether they have a disability or broken bone, we are here to help. We have over 23 years of experience and very family oriented, this is how we love to get back to our community. If you have any questions or concerns you are always welcome to reach out to us through our website schoolofrespect.com. Of course if reaching my phone is easier, you’re always welcome to call us by our telephone number 503-615-8854. We look forward to hearing from you and your family!

Martial Arts for Kids Hillsboro | Need a Beneficial Afterschool Program?

I am looking for an afterschool program that benefits your kids learning? Martial arts for kids Hillsboro, we offer a fantastic afterschool program as well as a summer camp program! We have classes for everyone starting at the ages of four years old all the way past hundred years old! We are a great family and work with amazing team. We are part of a fantastic foundation and the Hall of Fame! We have over 23 years experience and we want to share that experience with you! We want to help people become the best versions of themselves that they can be! There martial arts and discipline we believe that it can grow very much as a person. We believe this so much that, we offer our first class free. Say you can come in and feel for yourself what we believe them.

We have an abundant of different types of classes and programs. From martial arts and tae kwon do to self-defense and discipline training. I little tigers, starting at the age of four; usually come in and they’re shy, not very confident or have no discipline. We work with parents to see what goal they want to work on the most. We teach our children confidence, strength, discipline and independence. Show them how to have respect for ourselves and for others around us, and to carry that in our lives. We teach them how to control their emotions and safely release their frustrations. We do all this while teaching them martial arts and having fun. You can tell as soon as you see their face when they break their first board.

School Of Respect Martial Arts works hard with our youth, not just to reach their parents goals but their own personal goals. We push our youth through tae kwon do to become strong and independent. We teach them discipline and the importance of morals. Through this physical sport we see a lot of growth. We always check in on their physical and mental health. We show them the importance of being a team player, as well as a leader, all while learning self-defense and discipline. They start with their white belt, that is when they learn to tie it. Then they learn to grow and respect, discipline, and strength, all the way to a black belt.

We even offer adult and family classes! Martial arts for kiddos Hillsboro, can bring the entire family together! It teaches us how to keep each other safe, lower our stress, strengthen our mental and physical health and how to stay fit. It teaches us to come together as a team and learn how to respect each other in leadership. We make personal goals and then we help each other achieve them. The entire family can grow together and get closer in an bond.

We work that but the parents to create a personal goal, through broken bones or disabilities, we are here for you. If you have any questions and concerns about martial arts for kiddos Hillsboro, don’t be afraid to contact us! You can contact us through our website, schoolofrespect.com. Or always give us a call at 503-615-8854. We look forward to hearing from you and your family!