Martial Arts for Kids Hillsboro has always been an amazing way for children to learn discipline, gain respect, build character, and have fun! The Fraser family has been doing this for over 20 years and during that time we have had a few things that we live by. As an example we always believe that Winners aren’t quitters and quitters aren’t winners. We know this means having to push yourself and keep the grind going even when you feel like you just can’t anymore. These are skills that you’re going to have to learn throughout life, and we want children to learn them early so they can be masters of Their Own destiny.

There is no such thing as starting too early with Martial Arts for Kids Hillsboro. We live in a very awkward world. People are required to be tougher and tougher the younger they go even though our quality of life is getting easier and easier. To train a young child in martial arts is to train them up in the qualities of character so they can be confident, strong, respectful, independent thinkers. This will also allow them to learn to master their bodies with Cooperative awareness that keeps them from being bullied or from ever being bullied. We said hi goals for the kids that way they are able to stretch and reach for them.

We have two separate classes for Martial Arts for Kids Hillsboro. The first one is our little tigers class. This is targeted for four to six year olds who are looking to start learning and build a base for their lives. This is a light-hearted class that offers basic martial arts skills and instruction. This is going to teach them how to keep a general grasp on the life around them. Allowing kids to start at this age to start learning the principles of respect, and discipline in their minds early so that way they are able to continue it through life.

Our next classes are youth martial arts class. This targets ages 7 to 12. Our youth class is great for those who are just wanting to start out, or if you’re wanting to learn the techniques of the world Taekwondo federation. It is a unique and challenging martial art based on self-defense. This has been shown to grow the physical and mental strength which gives kids the confidence to be able to accomplish any goals that they have. And also provides a great base for self-defense, as well as prevents kids from being bullied and if they are how to handle and Defuse The situation.

The benefits of your child learning Taekwondo can be endless. With it being an Olympic sport, it has been recognized the world over for its discipline, intensity, and strength. For more information you can always visit us online at We also have customer testimonials, and class schedules. You can also give us a call at 503-615-8854, where we can set up your first class for free.

Martial Arts for Kids Hillsboro | Kids in Martial Arts

Martial Arts for Kids Hillsboro it’s a great way for your child to learn the basics they need for respect, integrity, confidence, independent thinking, and many other qualities. This Korean form of self-defense has been celebrated for years, so much so that it’s even become an Olympic sport. This is not just something that you can learn and just forget either. It does have practical applications in life, as well as being able to leave a great foundation for years to come. People who have learned taekwondo over the years have been able to apply this discipline in their life and Achieve things that they never thought were possible.

There have been multiple people who have started Martial Arts for Kids Hillsboro at an early age. And some of the best ones around learned taekwondo. People like Chuck Norris, Willie Nelson, Joe Rogan, Phil Mickelson, and the great Muhammad Ali. All of these people started Taekwondo and were able to implement the foundations that they learned in Taekwondo for the rest of their life. Taekwondo is why Joe Rogan has openly admitted that Taekwondo has laid the base for all of his success in life. The discipline that is required to not only be able to show up every day, do what is required and show all the respect, but also the ability that you learned to get knocked down and get back up again. These are things that everyone should learn through life.

We start our Taekwondo classes at the age of four. We believe that is the time where children can start learning and lay a great base work for Martial Arts for Kids Hillsboro. We do not do full contact at this age of course. We know that your child is still developing, that’s why we want to make sure they are able to continue to develop and learn. I like this great base and ground work for you and your family, you are able to succeed in life and ways you never thought possible. There have been people who never had a family member graduate high school start taking taekwondo, and then be the first person in their family history to not only graduate from high school but also go on to college and Lead successful lives.

The benefits of learning martial arts are boundless. You are able to learn so many different bases for life that are able to help you succeed later. And learning these early is going to be nothing but a benefit to you and the rest of your family.

We’ve been teaching people in our area for over 20 years, and during that time we have shown exactly why we are the best around. You can go on to our website, where we not only have a gallery of all of the people who have come into our dojo and down their black belts, but also customer testimonies from people just like you who gave us a shot. You can also give us a call anytime at 503-615-8854.