School Of Respect Martial Arts is the best in the business not only because we can teach great martial art and tae kwon do, but it’s actually because we can teach really greatly about who you are as a person, is what is on the inside. We are part of amazing family foundation, and a part of the Hall of Fame. Jiu jitsu Hillsboro has over 23 years of experience and we have the Hillsboro’s #1 martial arts school award, three years running. Not only do we help you grow into the best person you can be, will reflect and will grow with you. We offer classes for everyone, starting at four years old and up. We also offer programs such as; summer camps and afterschool programs.

Our first class you attend, it’s free! The second you walk in the door, you’re going to be in a warm welcoming environment. We teach you how to have discipline, respect, leadership, success, and growth. Starting with our little Tigers, at four years old. We teach them the basics of martial arts, how to kick, punch, and block. We teach them alternate ways to handle conflict, because we know fighting is not our number one choice is our last choice. Within the first two weeks, they’re going to know everything they need to know in order to succeed martial arts. We teach them core family values such as; obedience, confidence, respect, and self-control.

The Tiger has grown up he moves to our Junior program. The Junior program, they tend to learn more about themselves and more about martial arts. Jiu Jitsu Hillsboro is a driven and supportive place. We are all accepting and we all want to see students reach their full potential want to teach them discipline and character development.

We also offer an amazing adult and family program. it is never too old to learn martial arts and self-defense. This can benefit adults, because they line self-defense and know that they can protect their selves and people they love. It also teaches them to have a safe mindset, that lower stress levels, keeps them sane fit and healthy, shows leadership, has independence, helps with mental, emotional, and physical health. An overall does have strength and growth. Our family program is awesome, because there is a really great bonding lesson. It teaches families how to come together and learn together. Set personal and family goals, and then reach them together. It shows how to have self-respect for yourself and for your siblings. There’s something for everyone! From the oldest adults to the youngest child, it is a great place to spend your time.

For great Jiu Jitsu Hillsboro come to us and if you got any questions or concerns you can contact us on our website. Our website is Or you can contact us by phone, our number is 503-615-8854. We look forward to meeting with you, and getting to know you and your family!

Jiu Jitsu Hillsboro | Why Should I Pick School of Respect Martial Arts

The reason to pick School Of Respect Martial Arts over anyone else is because, not only do we teach fantastic martial arts will also help people grow and become better individuals. We work one-on-one with everyone, in order to create and reach their goals. We have an abundance of classes, that fits everyone’s needs. We have won the Hillsboro #1 Martial arts school awards four times! We are part of a great foundation in the Hall of Fame! Here at jiu jitsu Hillsboro, we have over twenty three years experience!

We offer our first class for free is commission point we did this so you can come in and see our warm welcoming, accepting environment. We work with individuals to reach their goals. Whether they have a broken bone, or even a disability, we are here to teach them. We offer classes for everyone, starting at four years old and up. We teach martial arts, tae kwon do, and self-defense classes! Will also teach; hand and eye coordination, general awareness, and a bunch of other programs. We start our little Tigers off with the basics and teach them core family values such as; discipline, obedience, respect, and self-control. They start off with a white belt and as they cross off their goals they become a yellow belt.

Not only do we offer classes for our kids and we also offer classes for adults as well. Jiu Jitsu Hillsboro teaches us how to become the best versions of ourselves, how to have respect for others, and how to keep our mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional selves healthy. We teach a lot of personal growth, independence, and moral and values. We also have family classes, these are used to get the whole family involved with each other. Coming together and learning to respect each other and over come personal and group goals together. This is a great family activity, that can help grow them stronger together.

Being an adult in Jiu Jitsu Hillsboro, is awesome! martial arts are so beneficial to adults too! I teaches us how to protect, grow, and stay fit. It helps maintain mental, physical, and emotional health. It helps lower stress and helps the body exercise. Plus it is really fun to do. Breaking a board in your next belt, is such a rewarding feeling. It’s even rewarding just watch it happening!

On our website, there is a lot of amazing testimonies about people who have witnessed or been in our class. It is very inspiring if you want to check it out! It is a great representation of what we teach here. We teach to inspire others to be better. Otherwise, if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at our website. Our website is Or you can contact us by phone anytime. Our phone number is 503-615-8854. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you and your family!