School Of Respect Martial Arts is a very honorable family oriented company. We strive to be the best teachers we can be. Here at jiu jitsu Hillsboro we work with you on a personal level, in order to reach your personal goals. We are nothing short of excellent role models for our kids. We have huge core values and positive outlooks on life. They got back to the basic fundamentals, and then build our way back up to who we are. Therefore we can be the best versions of ourselves, that we can be.

We offer an abundant of different martial arts classes. From basic martial arts to self-defense, tae kwon do, jiu jitsu. Although we while we do teach martial arts, we also focus a lot on your character development. Our goal, is for you to be the best you can be. Jiu jitsu Hillsboro teach things like; strength, character, humility, optimism, obedience, and listening, and much more! We want to be the company that you’re proud to go to. And hopefully one day recommended us!

Our little Tigers class we focus on basic family values in a little bit of self-defense martial arts. The values we work on with them is respect, discipline, listening, growth, and independence. A lot of times when kids come in their shy, loud, and have low self-esteem. We work with the parents on personal goals for the student. And through martial arts we teach it to them. We watch even the hardest kids, grow with outstanding attitudes and self-discipline. Watching them earn their first belt, and how proud it makes them, starts building confidence.

Our youth and adult classes, focus more on tae kwon do, jujitsu, and self-defense. It is a bit harder, however we always push ourselves to do better. It is more of a sport activity and so it does help keep you physically fit. Our core values are responsibility, mental health. Enthusiasm, self-discipline, patience, self-esteem, confidence, truth, and overall health. We also offer a family conference, that teaches us how to work together, respect each other, teamwork skills, leadership skills and completing group goals together.

Jiu jitsu Hillsboro gives your 1st class to you for free! So you can really see the environment! School Of Respect Martial Arts has over 60 reviews on our website, of people that have gone through and watched our teachings. We suggest to you go to our website and check it out! You can really see who we are inside of our classroom just based on the reviews! We are family oriented company, with over 23 years of experience! We want to share the same experience with you. This is how jiu jitsu Hillsboro we give back to our community. If you have any questions or concerns please always feel free to contact us on our website. school of respect martial arts at Or if you feel more comfortable calling us, feel free to give us a phone call at our telephone number. Our number is 503-615-8854. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jiu Jitsu Hillsboro | Why Should I Be In Martial Arts?

Do you enjoy being at peace? Do enjoyed being in a constant uplifting atmosphere? Here at School Of Respect Martial Arts, we believe in an uplifting environment, with meditation and deep breathing. We meditate in the beginning of our class, in order to free our minds of any distractions. We have a very happy environment here at Jiu Jitsu Hillsboro, we have classes offered for everyone, starting at the age of four. We worked at a great foundation and are a part of the Hall of Fame. We teach confidence, respect, self-discipline, strength, independence, leadership, and self-esteem. Our goal is for you to be the best version of yourself, and share the knowledge we teach you. We offer our first class for free, just so you can see our environment and see who we are.

We offer many different classes for everyone. We have summer camps, afterschool programs and our little Tigers, we teach them the basics of martial arts and the basics of our core values. We teach them about respect, confidence, enthusiasm, and attitudes. While there learning the core values, they are having a blast learning martial arts. Then in martial arts, learning how to punch, block, kick, and more. We watch even the youngest the kid have self growth in just a few classes. Plus it is so inspiring to watch them grow

For our youth and adult classes, we focus on tae kwon do, and working on self-respect, leadership, self-discipline, independency, and strength. We do teach her students that self-defense is not first option in a conflict, and teach them different ways to resolve conflict. But if worse comes to worse, they have the knowledge they need to keep themselves and others safe. We don’t promote violence, in fact we don’t even teach that. We believe in being ready something would happen. Secondly, we do have tournaments that people can choose to participate in, and they have a blast doing it.

Jiu Jitsu Hillsboro also offer family classes, summer camps, and afterschool programs. We are angry oriented family company and we want to give back to our community, and thanks for everything they’ve done for us. It is so inspiring to watch someone pass a belt test along with many other things. We have many reviews on our website, under testimonies. We suggest you look at them and it can give you real feel of our classroom dynamic. In the pictures, everyone has smiles on their face. This because growing is so fun!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us on our website! School Of Respect Martial Arts welcomes any one interested or any newcomers that one or see what’s going on. Jiu jitsu Hillsboro is always wanting to help someone grow. Contact us at Or if you want to call us. Our telephone number is 503-615-8854. Feel free to call us for anything or any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and your family!